Thursday, January 1, 2009

Opening Message

I would like to get this opportunity to wish all "Happy New Year 2009". I wish all the great news will happen and all hazardous devils leave us behind.

2 weeks ago, i came back from Medan, Indonesia. At the Medan airport, i tried to browse my blog and i realised that my blog "" be deleted. I have not idea how it happened. I tried to write/leave message to blogger centre, and i hope that i manage to get back my blog. However, it turns me down.

About the blog, the blog start from October 2005 until December 2008, its' life time around 3 years. I still remember that i start create this blog after i read my friend's blog, Mr Ding - Engineer's Principles. Why i chose titanshiva as my title and Titan as my nickname? I have never mention in my previous blog. When i am young, i like to play an adventure game call Final Fantasy 7, there are some material can summon some monster like Shiva, Titan, Inferno, Odin and etc. Hence, I chosen Titan because it is strong, strength and powerful. Shiva, i chose it to represent my wife. That why, i put "Titan & Shiva" as my title. However, it is part of my history, and now i will use my name to represent my blog.

About this new blog, i plan to use my name as my blog address. And, the title i chose "Life - XXXX". XXXX will be changed from year to year. This blog contain people's life : scenes, foods, jokes, technology, family, greeting, and etc. Keep and share all happiness memory in my blog.

I will try my best to get more useful and interested information and share with you. I hope i can x-link back all previous bloggers, i lose some of the bloggers' address and please let me know.


Sandhi said...

Now i know how titan&shiva name came. Hahaha... Wish you new blog success!

WendyinKK said...

Let me guess, this was part of ur prewedding shots.

U look much better then..

CH Voon said...

wendyywy: yes! you are right! mmm I think it is time to slim down a bit else look like ugly giant.

suituapui said...

Wow!!! Who's that handsome hunk? You photoshopped or what?...Gee! Look at you now! Whatever happened? Hahahaha!!!