Monday, January 19, 2009

Ghost! in Hotel

Previous post, I have mentioned that i will not post any post about trip to Chiang Mai trip anymore. But, i have something terrible story and really want to share it out. Since, it is 6 days 5 night trip which organised by my customer. Hence, they will arrange our accommodation too. Maybe, it was not good for me to travel at this month....
First day, I located to live at Riverhouse hotel. It is located near to the river.
My room number was "24". Oh... As you know, chinese people dislike number "4" because its sign something not good or in our chinese mandarin "4" pronoun is "DIE".
I am not that supertition guy. By the way, i will stay there one night only.
Second day, i obtained a room number is "314". What! Number 4 again. I found that there are not any room number "313". I thought "314" was "313". For english people, number "13" is a ghost number/bad luck!. That night, i slept not well.
Hotel i stay is Baroke Chalet. See! My face look tired and a bit green+white face! Third & Four days, i am not sure what room number i stay. It is a home style lougne.
Home of recreation- Champadee. It is a night place to rest!
Last days, we came back to Chiang Mai. We located at 5-star grand hotel! However, i obtained the room number "604" - What! Number "4" again...
When i opened the door, i felt cool wind blow out but the air condition was off. Shit! Don't tell me that i hit the lottery! I packed my luggage and took a bath. Since, it was a last days, my customer invited us to have a crazy drink at that night.
After having a heavy drink, my stomach full of beer, wisky, wine & etc. It made me cannot sleep well. I heard a TERRIBLE sound from my left side. It sound quite similiar to the ghost movie blackground "Woo...Weo~~~". WAH! Don't tell me i met those "brother". It was scare but i still want to find out what happen....... And, i slowly "1 degree by 1 degree" turned my head to left side...
"WAH WAH WAH......" YOU will not believe what you see!!!

"I saw a "drunk ghost" there! Really scare!"


Anonymous said...

Hey! I thought really got ghost. -_-'''

Syaoron said...

do you mean the drunk ghost is you.I'm so sorry if i had irritated you.

Syaoron said...

Do you mean the drunk ghost is you?I'm so sorry if I have irritated you.I apologize to you

CH Voon said...

Syaoron, I am not the drunk ghost la hehehe.
Not easy get drunk.

Pretea said...

Hey, Chvoon. Wa,so scared! Is that true? So, what happened next? I was exciting to read about the ghost story...Tell me please...

foongpc said...

Eh,mana ghost? Where? Where? Don't have one? You bluffed me! : )