Friday, January 16, 2009

Monkey See & Monkey Do!

Since, i have a baby girl, my daily life changed.

I have to spend partial of my time with her.

Besides, I have to do something well in front of her too.

She is just like a white paper, i and my wife put color on it.

Hence, I need to stop some of bad hobbies and not practice in front of her.

e.g. digging nose (explain: sometimes full of gold and block my air-breath - possible cause die)

She, Vanessa now only 5 month and 3 weeks old.

But, She is watching all movement/attidude we do.

And, She will follow after just like "monkey see, monkey do"

See, she starts to copy what i do because "Learning is start from Copying".

Just like writing blog, see, understand, learn and apply.



Photos HERE!! My wife delete this photos and the original copy too! Sorry cannot show the photos HERE!



"I told you long time ago, in front of baby YOU must act good!

See, she almost follows your sleep style" - i totally "not eyes to see"

p/s: Because of blogging, later i will sleep at sofa tonight :(


Anonymous said...

remember, dont say bad word.

CH Voon said...

genius, i seldom say bad word la... i only say "sohai" nia

-popjammerz- said...

so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your baby is very cute! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Donna said...

how come because of blogging need to slp in the sofa?

haha.. sohai.. my bf loves using this too..=.="

CH Voon said...

dolly: because last i put a photos that my wife sleep and baby sleep styles photos here...

so, as you know, when girl get angry.. they will ask you to sleep outside have to sleep at dining room's sofa lo...