Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pai - Tham Lod

"Welcome to Tham Lod, Pai"
"Map of Tham Lod"

"Let we go in to Tham Lod cave! ~ song"
"A lot of visitor come over here"
Stalagmites have been formed where dissolved calcite water (calcium carbonate) drop form ceiling or tip of stalactite onto the floor. Lately water is evaporated leaving calcite accumulated on the floor and growing up. The shape of stalagmite depends on gravity (they are round tipped, whereas slalactites are pointy) and often has a spah cup at the pointing tip.
"Monkey King"
"Giant Teeth"
"Coffin more than 500 years gua"
"Giant frog"
"two little frog on a turles"
"er.... What is that???"



Anonymous said...

is that a real snake? I don't think so..if it is real will you still standing there taking photo?? Hehe

CH Voon said...

TNH, yes it is the real one, i am passing it and lucky it not jumps out and bite me!