Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine 2009

Tomorrow, it is a romantic Valentine day!
I think most of the girls will receive bouquets of flowers today.
They will feel very happy and enjoyable.
How about all those guys? Money can make it happens.

Let me count... How many times i sent flowers to my wife;
Dating - 1
Graduation - 1
Propose - 1
Register day - 1
Wedding day - 1
Valentine 2005 - 1,

Only 6 times! Am i stingy?
"Please do not leave message to say i stingy, i will delete it"

I think give flowers is a bit waste because it cannot stand longer.

However, today i increase the number to 7 times! Flowers plus Ferrerro Rocher Chocolates.
Sure! My wife very happy when receive the flowers and chocolates.
(I hope do not eat finish the chocolates - keep some for me)"

Do you want to know what is the reaction back from them?
I have 4 case happen in my office (Man Temple);

Case 1: Myself

My wife SMS back to me
"Happy to receive the flowers ... "censored" ... and can i treat my colleague eat those chocolates?"
Case 2: Colleague 1
We help to order flower to his wife,
My colleague at Pakistan, very sorry that they can not celebrate this festival together.
Sure we do not what is his wife reaction, i think she is happy plus lonely.
Case 3: Colleague 2
The female friend call back just want to kidding my colleague
"You flowers look dry and not that nice"
After my colleague heard about it,
he very angry with the florist company and
we help him to call the florist and arrange to send another one to her again.
Finally, she happy with it.
We also very happy with it too!

Case 4: Colleague 3
I ask my colleague "Have your wife received your flower? What is her reaction?"
My colleague told me "Nothing"
Then, we continue working.

After 1 hours later, i "kepo" again and ask him.
He told me "Yes, his wife email him and say thank to him"


Anyway, i would like to get his opportunity again to wish all lover;


Reanaclaire said...

hi Voon.. HAPPY VALENTINE TO YOU TOO! hope u r not celebrating with any russian gal.. or guy .. hehe...just joking, no offence...
so far, in my whole entire life.. sad to say i have received only 2 bouquets of flowers for Valentine...from 2 different men!!
hehe.. believe me?

CH Voon said...

sure or not?

Maybe it is true that flowers just not stand long and waste money nia lo

This mean i not so stingy lo hahahaha

Anonymous said...

u really kepo

Jys said...

haha, 6 times ar? not stingy lor.. i only received twice from my hubby, both also on my graduation day..