Friday, May 15, 2009

Human life just like a Tofu!

Human life just like a Tofu,
Do you agree with me?
Yesterday, it is really a hot weather,
I drove out at night and i saw a car accident nearby,
One man killed,
Why people not drive safety? Careless?
5 months ago,
My wife and my daughter met an accident,
How serious the accident?
I really do not know because i at outstation at that moment,
But, you can image it how serious - the car still in workshop until today,
I wonder when this car can be repaired completely,
My daughter cried very loudly and make my wife wake up,
My daughter head bloodily,
It is lucky because it only outside injured,
My wife told me she very scare suddenly baby not cry Lia,
Ouch.... she slept Lia.
Thank to God, that take care of my family,
Never put your baby seat beside the driver seat,
Because it is the most dangerous place if accident happens,
"KESAS highway to KL- PUTRAJAYA junction"
Until today, i do not know how this accident happened,
My wife told that she suddenly cannot see anything,
And, the car hit the "tiang",
Possible are"ghost around" or my wife's health?
Not sure! Better drive slow and safe...
And, do not take photos during driving like me,
As for me
Family is the number one,
Appreciate every moment with your family,
One day, they will leave you alone,
Why i say "Human life just like a Tofu?",
See... a lot of people die because of H1N1 virus nowadays,
People getting very easy go to heaven/hell,
To explain more detail, i ask my wife to buy some tofu for me,
And, Tofu very easy break like shit as below,
Just like human, when hit by car....
Hope you understand what i mean....
For explanation more clear in this posts,
My wife pay for Rm0.60 for those tofu,
To save those money,
I have to cook,


P/s: Spend more time with your family, Don't work until neglect your family.

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elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

lol...good one! tafu life~~ haha..

siaw hui said...

life is short, just enjoy it

Anonymous said...

agree agree!
human is like tofu~
kena something also will smash into pieces XD

Marciana said...

scary smash tofu.. suddenly make me miss dada so much nia :|

CH Voon said...

elim Chuang: yamah... nowaday, people easy get sick... not like our grandfather... very strong..

siaw hui: so we not need to work la... just enjoy nia lo hehehe

Stephen: yupe... i agree with u.

Marciana: hehehe why smash tofu... make u miss dada?

BooNMiNG said...

hi hi .. couldn't agree more!! (supported you too!!) :P

life is so vulnerable and fragile and short that anything can happen to us any moment... so we must appreciate our life!!

scare me.. tot you wasted the tofu for nothing!! hahaha

CH Voon said...

BooNMING: hehehe actually i don't like eat tofu one... but because of this post, i have to cook and eat...