Sunday, May 3, 2009

Steven's Big DAY!

Today, It is my ex-boss Steven's big day,

Feel really happy for him,
I wish them "HAPPY FOREVER",
I think i know him around 7 years,
He is our good brother,
Sure, we drink a lot until overflow ~ drunk,
- beer, red wine, Hennessy -
Feel lucky that i not bring my vodka there,
~ Open ceremony ~
"Sweet couple" "Paiseh!, after drinking my face turn to red color"
from left: me, Jamson, Liew, Jeremy & Robin.

"Hey, Jamson! When is your turn? I will drunk your partner" hehehe
"3rd generation in my previous company"

"Last, it is really sleepy after few cups of beer."
I took not much of photos,
More of times drinking with friends,
At last,
It is a memorable moment & ever lasting.....


elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...
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elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

Not like you jor after drunk! more like 关公!!

elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

Dear CVoon, turn red isnt good symptom. Please read this, 世界卫生组织下属的国际癌症研究机构在这份报告:

For your info, i am more suitable to drink. I hard get drunk, and i wont turn red. hehe.. ^^

Anonymous said...

haiyooooo,,, u too busy with drinking but still can snap photo,,,heheheh,, but its nice!!!!

CH Voon said...

Elims chuang: ic then i will reduce to drink beer lo hehehe (got excuse liao) hahaha

Anonymous: Who are you???

BooNMiNG said...

lol .. u really look sleepy in the last photo.. hahaha ... lol

genius said...

congrats, too bad i cant attend.

CH Voon said...

BooNMING: HEHE it is time to sleep liao aroud 11:30PM lo...

Genius: Yalor, why you not coming, i see Ng, Lee & Yee only... Why others not come???

Marciana said...

You drunk got simply talk? :|
Need wait for yearSSSSSSSSSS till i can hve my big day =.=