Monday, August 17, 2009

Do Not add Your Boss in Your facebook!

Never ever add your boss in your facebook list,
Today, i heard this news from Radio,
It is really funny for me,
I am not clear about the real problem between them,
I also don't want to know,
But, we can learn some lessons from here,
First, Don't simply put some message which make someone unhappy,
Second, Think before update your status in facebook,
Third, Be a friend rather be a enemy,
Fourth, everything we can have a short talk between each other,

Thank care!

I obtained this from web site -> HERE <-


vialentino said...

agree with u ler...dats why my facebook and my blogsite...use different nickname one....hehehe...

CH Voon said...

via: hahaha you are clever!

enjoyathome administrator said...

hmmmm nice info

Unknown said...

for me ok lah,, if your boss goes to your FB and blog, soemthing he can learn about your frustration hahahah lol.

dropping by here to wish you a gareat week ahead

CH Voon said...

eugene: 10q see how we use fb lo

Donna said...

that's why i never add my boss or some too gepoh big mouth colleague into my friend list.. XD.
I dont want everything i posted become news on the next day.. XD

Engineer's Principles said...

fb is for friends.

Elaine Mah said...

Voon> I terasa. ==

CH Voon said...

Dolly: hahaha yalor... expecially during working time, you post something in facebook... boss know that you curi tulang

sk Ding: not for boss right hahaha, so have you add mr Ng?

Elaine: ???? what you terasa?

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