Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Parent Day!

Today (24/07/2009) is my parent day,
I born on this date,
My daddy and mummy's status go up next level,
My parent apply leave today and celebrate with me,

We have our breakfast at dim sum restaurant,

I meet my daddy friend ~ leng chai go go Jamson walter,

And leng lui jie jie ~ Michelle,

Oh... very happy i get a birthday present from auntie Miaw Sze,
One of my daddy friend,
Thank you auntie :),

We go to Mid Valley,
~ Shopping,

We go to Thai restaurant to have our lunch,
What should i order?
Tom Yam kong,

Asparagus dishes,

Thai style fried rice,
Big pawn...

My parent enjoys the food very much,
I thought i have the opportunity to eat those dishes too,
When all the dishes served, my parent told me that,
You have to wait when you grow up bigger,
I am bit disappointing and,
I can only eat THIS!

A busy day...


Engineer's Principles said...

happy birthday vanessa. grow up fast fast #^_^#

Reanaclaire said...

cute post! when she grows up, she will say that u r putting words in her mouth..hahaha...creative papa..

CH Voon said...

sk ding: my daughter grow up fast, i getting old fast too :(

reanaclaire: 10q for your praise hehehe later my daughter grow up.. i scare she angry me nia

Marciana said...

Ya u old fast :P Soon will become 40
Your daughter so lucky.. I envy :#

Eileen said...

What parent day la. Its your baby's bday and you celebrated with lotsa food and your baby ate bun only. Bad papa. Poor baby. Haha.

CH Voon said...

Marciana: yalor... i feel that i am 40 plus lo.... hey you have a happy family too right :)

Eileen: mmm aiyo... i test and see the food ok or not... if ok, when she bigger a bit then i bring her here... ehhehee

Anonymous said...

wowwwww,, that koko so handsome ohhh!!! hehehe

CH Voon said...

Anony: You are michelle ke? let me guess