Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sushi King! I like

On Saturday (1st of August),
We plan go to service the car at Cheras,

Vanessa: "Daddy...Mummy..., we are late"
"And, polices are going to block major roads to prevent gathering for Anti-ISA rally",

While the car under repair, Vanessa has a short sleep,
We are lucky and not jam in the highway because we use KL-Putrajaya highway,

When we back from Cheras to Puchong using Sungai Besi highway,
Vanessa: "It is really traffic jam at another side highway to KL",
"I am really pity those drivers",
"Why the stupid police blocked the roads?"
"I thought Malaysia is democratic country and,"
"Everyone have the right to speak out their voice",
"If those gathering people destroy/kill people then polices have to stop them",
"but, they just have a peaceful gathering only",
"Polices just a stupid toys of the government",

Heavy traffic jam - to KL,

Daddy: "Vanessa, as you know our stupid government create a stupid project",
"Waste taxers' money"
"Smart tunnel create traffic jam/malfunction during raining day",
"And, Smart tunnel create traffic jam during polices road blocked too",
"Smart tunnel purposely designed to collect money from people",

Vanessa: "I know that"
"Just forget about it and do a correct vote next election",
"Better we go to eat Sushi now",
"I am hungry",

Vanessa: "Mummy, let we go in",

Vanessa: "WA.. a lot of sushi",

Vanessa: "Mummy, i can choice any one?",
Vanessa: "Er... this one got promotion!",
"I want this!"

Vanessa: "WA this one taste very nice!",

Vanessa: "mmm this one taste OK if ...",
Vanessa: "....put some sauces better",

The promotion sushi are tasted very nice,
Have a try!,
I will give 7/10,



Engineer's Principles said...

i'm 1 of the victim of the fucking jam. those fuckers really make people sicked.

CH Voon said...

sorry to hear that...

Your luck is a bit bad... :(

elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

Wow. your daughter look so mature la.. from the 眼神,like big girl already.. @@"

CH Voon said...

elims Chuang: sure or not... so fast become big girl... easy for me lo hahaha

Gabriel said...

haha, your daughter very cute ler. sounds mature...hahha...

CH Voon said...

Gabriel: ar... she looks mature meh... old baby lo like tat...

Eileen said...

wah..u let your baby eat sushi..ok kah?

CH Voon said...

mmm can gua... oledi 1 years liao... eat a bit no problem gua...