Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice ~ 冬至快乐

Happy Winter Solstice & 冬至快乐,
Today, i declare holiday for myself,
After work very bored in the office quite a long time,

I realise that today is Zhong Zhi,
I am thinking to make some Tong Yuen, 汤圆,
I go to shopping for a while after settle some important stuffs,
I bought some items as below:

Peanut butter, Glutinous Rice flour, & Vanila flavour

After mixing up water with flour, it is time to start make ball,

First time, i try to put some peanut butter inside.
I don't know how the taste it, i will find some white mouse to test it.

After 10 minutes, i manage finish making all the Tong Yuen,
It is time to cook it.
I mix up the Tong Yuen with Apples, Red Zhi, & Watermelon Strips,
Each things have its own meanings,苹果

Tong Yuen ~ 汤圆 = Family Reunion ~ 一家团圆,
Apples ~ 苹果 = Live peacefully ~ 平平安安,
Red dates ~ 红枣 = Money come ~ 鸿运当头,
Watermelon Strips (sweet) = Sweet & happily ~甜甜乐乐

I hope after eat all the best for coming new years.

Want to eat?

It is quite a long time i never eat Tong Yuen,
When i am kid, i like to eat Tong Yuen,
As what i know, i will grow up 1 year older,
I want to grow up fast hence i eat a lot,
My mummy told me: "How old are you going to be, then you can eat that amount!"
At that moment, i am envy my grandmother,
Why? Because she can eat 50 ball Tong Yuen that moment,

Today, i make Tong Yuen so my daughter can eat,
And, She is going to 2 years old soon,
She is grow up and we (parent) grow older,
I cannot stop my ages at 18 years old anymore.


ChloeRuoyi said...

Looks very yummy. How I wish someone would make this for me too :-)

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Thanks for the sharing and meaning of the eating Tong Yuen with apples, red dates & watermelon strips. Wow did'nt know making the 'moth balls' is so easy all I can remember was playing & rolling with the dough when young. Back home our style is quite plain no wonder I never like them. TQ:p

Dora said...

Happy Tong Zhi to you & family! I love the most basic tong yuen, the plain one! Can send some over here please?... :-)

manglish said...

very creative eh..wrap wif peanut butter hehhe my fav :)

amycheah said...

hey voon, 1st time i see people eating tang yuen with apple, red dates & watermelon strips wo. You are so good, make the tang yuen yourself. Me now waiting for hubby to buy back.

CH Voon said...

ChloeRuoyi: :) Be patient the day will come soon.

Ananaz: Plain one ... put some sugar lo :P

Dora: Nearly finish liao lo... inside my stomach hehehe

manglish: Just try only.... find some white mouse for my experiment hehehe

amycheah: depend on mood... hehehe

CheaHSan said...

Thanks for the demo on making Tong Yuen which reminds me of one wise man said to me, "Life is like rolling Tong Yuen, you start of with a small uneven shaped dough then roll it to round, then rounder and still not satisfied roll some more then it becomes oval. You start to roll again to make it round and then rounder and then it becomes oval and repeat all over never ends if you continue to look for satisfaction. So in life we crave for more and more-more we can never be satisfied." Happy Winter Solstice.

cHrIstInA_YY said...

冬至快乐!!! They looked yummy...

WendyinKK said...

Nice idea for the sweet soup base:)

Engineer's Principles said...


anney said...

Looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Tang yuen is one of my fav desserts. I don't celebrate winter solstice. I have tang yuen anytime of the year when my family feels like eating them.

Have a great holiday this weekend!

BoeyJoey said...

Happy Tong Zhi to you and your family too!

I've never tried the recipe that you posted here... may want to cook it someday. I love my tong yuen with lots of ginger syrup, or stirfried Hakka style - "sun pan tze"/ fried abacus seeds.

wenn said...

great! merry xmas!

TZ said...

Dude, you have so many nice ingredient with meaningful explanation... Of coz i want to eat ... sure have to eat so that Twenty Ten will be better for me ... So how to go to your place for Tang Yuen?

Donna said...

eh.. wahahhaha..
i know how to do "tang yuan" now..
wahahahha... from raw mat, to soup..
wahahahaha... i had no idea how to do one, then my first trial is to look at the "tang yuan" for 20 minutes, then still dont know how.. after that, cincai la, just add water la.. then got ppl tell me must add warm water, not cold water, then I SUCCEED!!!! XD

vialentino said...

this year i tak dapat makan chance to go back to my mom's place to eat....

[SK] said...

wow, you cooked that!! i am very impressed, impressed by the tang yuan you made from scratch, and also impressed by all those auspicious ingredients you can think of!! you are cool man~~

CH Voon said...

CheaHS@n: What you comment is true! People never ever satisfy and need to learn to accept

cHristInA_YY: 冬至快乐 to you too!

wendyywy: hehehe some of my white mouse dont like it :)

SK Ding: 冬至快乐 to you too!

Anney: You can make a wonder cookies and cake too. Need to learn from you.

Mei Teng: Cool! You are the Tang yuen 100% supportor.

BoeyJoey: hehe never try that before... I am Hakka but dont know to do :(

wenn: Merry Xmas to you too!

TZ: hahaha 30 ke? Anytime no problem... Use GPS!

Donna: congratz hahaha make tang yuen very easy nia hahaha

vialentino: it is ok la... you still maintain same age ... hehehe

SK: 10q 10q Some white mouse dislike the soup ahhaha anyhow, all the tang yuen finished.

Eileen said...

Hmm..I never see ppl cook tang yuan like that worr...can eat one or not? haha

CH Voon said...

Eileen: hmmm just to try the new method mah... so far still feel ok after 1 days plus... not langsai yet! Maybe u have a try haha

Annie Q said...

Hope not too late to wish you 冬至快乐!

Wah! Your version of tong yuen very "unique" lei. I don't really like to eat tong yuen, but but i like those with black sesame inside, yummy!! This year i didn't take any, but my boys took some, i surprise they like it, maybe inside the tong yuen they put "sugar" so it taste sweet and they love it.

eh, you very good lei, can bake somemore can make 'tong yuen" tsk tsk ...salute.

CH Voon said...

Annie Q: actually i dont know very well one... just play for fun.

Gabriel said...

wah wah...add peanut butter? that's very creative, i think i will give it a try next time. hehe..thanks for the tips!

keeyit said...

like your words on

Red dates ~ 红枣 = Money come ~ 鸿运当头,

Watermelon Strips (sweet) = Sweet & happily ~甜甜乐乐

CH Voon said...

Gabriel: you can try... but not very nice hehehe... if put real peanut (maybe better)

CH Voon said...

keeyit: i hope it will happen to everyone especially you

foongpc said...

I love tong yuen! I want! I want! : )

Ayie said...

i want that too!!!

CH Voon said...

foongpc: can no a issue.

Ayie: ok you share with foongpc ook :P

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Tang Yuan with peanut butter fillings? I wonder how it taste like...hehe.