Sunday, January 17, 2010

Make a cup of teh for my mummy

 My Daddy want me to write this posts expecially for lovely mummy!
I hope mummy you can read this blog as well!

My mummy just come back from friend's wedding dinner.
She drink some red wine during the wedding dinner
Before that, she make a cup of tea and put on the coffee table.
and, has a short snap on the sofa...

I put my hand inside the tea cup and play around!
I see my daddy quick take a camera and want to record down how naughty i am.
This time... i wont trapped this moment.. and i act like a good good girl!
What my daddy managed to take a video? LOL!
Please see video clip below:

When mummy wake up,
Lucky, my daddy not tells this story to mummy :)
He just smiles and stare at me.
After 1 months, i think i should tell mummy the truth!

I hope mummy, you will like the tea :)


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Vanessa so clever make teh tarik, smart girl can see you add lot of your saliva making the tea more sweeter like you haha. Please tell daddy the video in the YouTube is slanting got to turn our head to the right leh. TQ

Anonymous said...

OMGGGGGG! Notttiee, nottieee little girl. LOL... Voon ah... your daughter can kawan with my son la.... very nottie! Ahahahaha!

manglish said...

ehhhhh...u make me feel like want to have my own kids leh hhahahhh...

Engineer's Principles said...

wow so touching :_)
ur daughter very cute.
i wish to make one soon also :p

Unknown said...

Did they not say,," Like father like son" hmmmmmmmm i guess it is wrong here, it should be" Like Voon,like Vanessa"

Have a great week ahead

Cynthia said...

hahahhaah.... so, she didn't 'ka liao' for mummy right? but anyway, mummy already drink inside tummy liao... :D

mNhL said...

Ohh....the future tea maker arr.... celup celup. So curious. hehe....

[SK] said...

hahaha, maybe mommy will think the tea is even more tasty?? :p

Annie Q said...

hahahahhaha...naughty naughty Vanessa, but she look cute when "dip dip" the tea bag in the mug, and i can see the tea bag "flying" everywhere. LOL

Merryn said...

Daddy... my head oso senget ody watching this video leh.. wat happen??? hahhahaha

BoeyJoey said...

Next time Vanessa can make tea for daddy mummy already! Now practicing time, drip tea on the table abit nevermind :-)

Gratitude said...

She's sooooo cute! You are a noti dad to train her to do hsework at such a young age! :P LOLZ Just teasing ya. :)

vialentino said...

hahaha...the last scene like ur daughter spitting the saliva into the cup...this is so cute ler

renaye said...

i'm sure the tea tasted EXTRA DELICIOUS!!!

foongpc said...

Aiyo! Watching this video makes me have neck pain becoz have to senget my head! What is this lar!

foongpc said...

Wah! Vanessa so naughty! Blame it all on daddy! Must report to mummy! Gosh, did I just rhyme this? hahaha!

CH Voon said...

Bananaz: haiya… if got the opportunity in future, I will ask my daughter to prepare teh tarik for you. Do you want sugar? Haiya… youtube don’t have a function to rotate…. As you said, exercise your head lo

Cleffairy: My daughter will very happy to have a friend like your son.

Manglish: Please do so. I really like baby. I want to see how is little manglish look like.

SK Ding: U can make it now… only 2 weeks more get married. It is ok one… nobody will know it one :P

eugene: I hope she like what good from parent... and bad habit dont follow. You too :)

Cynthia: yes... finish inside tummy and i think come out oledi :P

mNHL: i hope nope lo hehehe

SK: mmm i hope her mummy will comment here and see the taste is great or not... i dont know... not dare to try!

Annie Q: mmm i really dont know what she is going to do... hope when she grows up and tell me.

Merryn: since i see this situation i quickly take without thinking it will display senget later... so ... can not make it in good order. :(

BoeyJoey: it is long time to go...

Gratitude: honestly, i not teaching her la... she just a bit curious to find it out.

vialentino: she want to try the taste... i think so. hehehe

renaye: sure? if got opportunty i will ask her to make one for you :P

foongpc: oh... too nervous liao... but dont know her mummy read this or not... she is busy woman.

Yee Ling said...

Vanessa is so creative seeing her diping dipping.

After watching this video, i almost walked in the senget way edy...hahhaa