Saturday, January 2, 2010

Travel again to Ukraine

Again, Again, Again...
I have to travel back and prepare my weapon for a war,
Over there, it is damn cold after check the wheather forecasts,
It shows me around 0°C ~ 10°C degree,
I can become a Iceman there,

I have prepare some scheduler posts when i'm not here included this post,
I cannot blogging for 1 months plus,
I think currently i'm sleeping on the plane now, and travel from Singapore - Istanbul - Odessa,

I don't want to write too must regarding to Ukraine because i wrote it quite a lot previously,
Else it will make all of you feel bored,

However, i can celebrate my second Christmas there,
Their's Christmas is fall on 7th of January instead of 25th of December,
Maybe, this time i can eat Roasted turkey chicken here and make a big snow man too,

I feel that the customer in Ukraine are damn SO HIGH ~ SOHAI!
Last time, ask me go there to prepare for factory open ceremony,
This time, ask me go there for eating roasted turkey chicken,
Again, i feel i am kidnapped by terrorist,
Maybe for another 1 or 2 months.

Maybe, This trip will kill 2 wishes from 100 wishes i want to make in 2010,
First, I wish i can come back in time to attend my friend, SK Ding's wedding on 7th Febuary.
Second, I wish i can come back before 12th February so i can take another Plane back to Kuching,
To celebrate Chinese New Year 2010,

If i cannot come back in time,
I want to emphasis my feeling here,

P/s: I feel it is not good to say that! Hence, i sensored it...


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Gonna miss you for a month + bro? How nice to be invited to eat roasted turkey all the way to Ukraine and you 'complain' some more, haha. Anyway take it easy and have a pleasant flight.

foongpc said...

Ooh, gonna miss you! Aren't you going to blog in Ukraine? Ok, at least tweet. Are you on Twitter? Have a great time there eating roasted turkey : )

Dora said...

At least you countdown New Year with your little girl & wife b4 you go off to UK opps Ukraine, I think I'm gonna miss u too Voon... enjoy your roasted turkey there & take care!

CH Voon said...

Banana: possible - but sometimes try to steal internet to online too... depend how busy there. roasted turkey ar.... hahaha ia think stingy customer wont do tat for me... 10q... just reache istanbul airport here... curi wifi to online

foongpc: miss me ar.. hahaha i dont know what is twitter la haahah out to date ... if i manage to eat... i try to blog here

Dora: hahaha you miss me too :) i going to cry lo hahaha roasted turkey... last time i made one... not nice to eat compare to real chicken!

Merryn said...

U in Ukraine? Gosh.. tak cakap pun that day! You take care there buddy.. come home a month later, go change your profile pic.. it's so misleading :P

CheaHSan said...

CH not sure you able to view this from Ukraine unless you curi the line? Take it on a positive note you should be OK. Imagine how lucky to have your job when some were out of job for few months or pay cut or VSS. Happy to have a job, smile! Share with you my buddy friend who is at a top range of the company was jobless for two years. Now got a job as CEO of a MNC and he said to me "hard work is better than no work" as during that two years eating NESW wind he was going thru 'hell'. Relax bro..take care.

Unknown said...

You take care of yourself there. Keep WARM!

[SK] said...

are you serious?? they invited you just to go eat turkey?? haha, this is interesting.. hope you'll enjoy the stay there.. we'll miss you!! :p

Ayie said...

happy new year!

a safe trip for you!

Reanaclaire said...

"fired in your holes"... that is ukraine language i guess... cos i dont understand.. hahaha...

Happy New Year Voon..hope u can get back to give ang pow next month!

mNhL said...

Happy travelling and u r so lucky. Travel all the way to Ukraine to eat roast turkey and can make big snowman. Enjoy!

Annie Q said...

Have a safe trip!
Enjoy the snow and the turkey there!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Have a safe trip.