Monday, February 8, 2010

SK Ding's Big Day

It is a big day for my friend - SK Ding.
Feel great that i still able be a brother of him.
(Feel a bit paiseh as well - married man still want to come to kacau) 
 After this, i will retired.

I am very enjoy when i see a couple get married!
Damn Exciting! (I don't know why?)
Maybe, I have one more member to join me as married man.

This is a bit serious posts.
i will not make a joke here. (Not good right?)
And, i will not put a lot of photos here as well. (maybe some people don't like to expose here)
 Any complains? please let me know....

This is lovely couple bears.  I think my daughter will like it.
Flowers is a symbol of love.
We are happy to be a brother of him.
We come to his wife house early in the morning.
We are waiting for accepting any challenge given. (i think we pass all the tests)
 He is the youngest brother.
It is not good that we try to ask him to eat the super spicy bun for us.
I can feel that he are very happy and sweet not matter the lemon is bit sour.
Actually, it is a eating party!
We are given a lot of food to eat. (this is a breakfast)
We should thank them for their hard work preparation.
I think everyone are happy right?

Just make it short!
We go to the end of story.
This is the last challenge he must get thought.
He has to list out 10 reasons that why he loves his wife.

I feel proud that he list them out.
One of the answer is "I like her that she don't know to cook"
This is a good start!
I am agree with him.
When we love someone, we must love her weakness as well.
He did it! Great!

Thank you for the lunch as well.



manglish said...

har? so fast finish keh....i was waiting for more pics leh hhhahahhaha

uLi.佑莉 said...

Congratulations to SK Ding :)

Engineer's Principles said...

thank you ^.^
voon thanks for the help.

Pete said...

Congrats to Ding! Nice photos!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Mr & Mrs SK Bear also getting married haha. Why you so 'kan cheong' (excited)? Old Chinese saying "the king not 'kan cheong' instead the eunuch 'kan cheong" haha. TQ

Medie007 said...

wah... makes me wanna kahwin also... :P

Elaine Mah said...

congrates to ding. :)