Friday, March 5, 2010

Be a Responsible Malaysian

No matter how bad Our government utilize our tax money,
Be a responsible Malaysian, We must pay tax.

It is quite easy to calculate the total we need to pay by e-Filling.
You come visit this official website of 
 Official web site
For individual e-Filling, you can start to click HERE
 "Click to start"

If you have any doubt with the e-Filling, you can click HERE to download PDF format user manual.
After read through the manual, it is really useful for me.

 How to filling the form click here.

Important information:

1. E-Filling form for BE,B,M, P and E 2009 year available start from 1 March 2010.
2. Tax must be paid before or on 30-April 2010 else 10% extra will be charged refer to Sub-Section 103(3) ACP 1967.

3. Last date to pay your PCB for February is 10 March 2010.

4. If you cannot obtain your hard-copy of "Buku Panduan BE 2009", click HERE to download.
    This book is more clear and detail. 

5. If you cannot obtain your hard-copy of "Note Penerangan BE 2009", click HERE to download.
    This book is simple and general.

Deduction of TAX:

1. If you want to deduce more tax, refer to "Buku Panduan BE 2009" from pages (10 - 16).

2. Summary of deduction as below:

Information obtained from HERE.

I found that this table is not completed! 
If you bought a house between 10 March 2009 until 31 December 2010. You can refer to pages 12 of "Buku Panduan BE 2009". You can deduce tax max to RM10,000.

Hope it helps!



Merryn said...

See no evil.. hear no evil.. .speak no evil...

I see no tax.. I hear no tax.. I speak no tax...

Pls tell the govt I'm only a housewife.. Pls dun tax me :P

Borneo Falcon said...

I finished filling up the form and I was surprised I need to pay RM1.7k. That's huge!

Unknown said...

Please tell them to use our tax money properly and diligently ,,,hahahah you have a great weekend bro

CH Voon said...

Merryn: Sure bo... you are housewife :P Then, you can combine acccount with your hubby so can reduce more tax.

Borneo Falcon: it is good news because it means you have high paid salary :)

Eugene: hehehehe should i can to najis to tell him use the money properly and dont send sohai to space again. :) have a great weekend to you too!

Cynthia said...

hehehe.. I will be doing this soon.. even I got no income to be 'tax'.. but every year I file.. only on the wee end of the dateline.. muahaha.. :p and this year, I am sure LHDN going to come question me on my 'status' and deduction for 'anak'.. muahahaa...

[SK] said...

hmmm, i've been doing the eFiling since 2006 already.. because i was involved in the eFiling project with LHDN, so die die must use back our own system, hehehehe :D

CH Voon said...

Cynthia: yalor they will question your about those as well. anyhow, we still need to report ourself no matter we not need to pay.

SK: ic, you are the one who create this! Quite friendly use! Well Done! but i think the calculate not correct la... always ask us to pay

CheaHSan said...

There is two things in life that we cannot escape ~ One is tax and the second is death haha. Thanks for reminding gotta do eFiling soon.

manglish said...

ehhh those studying overseas one how? must pay oso ar?

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

As advised by a senior tax officer during a seminar for self employed and biz men to be honest when comes to tax declaration. A very true old Chinese saying "zǒng yǒu yī tiān děng dào nǐ" {slowly and surely they gonna wait for you}. Haha don't play play with LHDN.tQ

Anonymous said...

You work for LHDN? Haha...

Pay up what is due from you. And live with a clear conscience. That's my belief.

Donna said...

*copy paste

See no evil.. hear no evil.. .speak no evil...
I see no tax.. I hear no tax.. I speak no tax...

i am poor little girl who is still in office at 10pm during friday night.
pls dun tax me for my hard earn money.. T_________T

but this is super useful, i already forgot how I fill in last year. =.="

Yee Ling said...

Thank goodness i read ur blog on this post. i just done my part, else last minute i got stuck in de jam entering the website.

Tq Tq!!