Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Before and After

Before i start express my feeling here,
I want to emphasis that it is my personally opinion.
If you pay a slim course for few thousand,
You want to result before 100kg and after 70kg right.
This is what you pay for right?
But it is something wrong happen here!
 Case #1
Before apply the SMART system,
KL always flooded during heavy raining.
After spend hundred million for SMART system,
KL still flooded during heavy raining.
I face this problems yesterday night, 
some of the road blocked because of flooded.

Case #2
Before send a Sohai to space exploration,
Nothing much in astrology technology.
After spend hundred million ringgits for send Sohai to space exploration,
Nothing much change or improvement in astrology technology as well.
Maybe, it can attract a lot of foreigner to buy the toy - "Gasing"!
Case #3
Before election in Borneo,
Poor people a lot.
After election in Borneo,
Poor people a lot too.
Why? Because they are lazy?
But, i found one case is different compare to above cases!

Case #4
Before "THEY" elected,
They have rich.
After "THEY" elected,
They richer than before!
I can say this is because of Sohai people who vote them and make them rich!
Don't blame them because you are the one make it happen!
You are the kind people to donate money for them.
If you wake up now, keep the money for your own and vote wisely!
If we maintain current status, nothing change as well.
Why not we just make it change... alleast we still have 50% getting better life there?
Just make it change!
Election coming soon in Sarawak!
If you want to continue be SOHAI! Don't blame anyone!
YOU are the one create it!
Don't jealous when you see they live in bang-lows & drive Ferrari cars.

Eh.... I found that i am Sohai as well! Because i am Sarawakian too!

P/s: If you are "THEY" please make something good for people and don't think about your own pocket only!
If you block my blog, it is time i apply my own domain hahaha!


Unknown said...

Change bro, dont be afraid to change,, BN must be out... we can always have them back when they are good,, hahahahah.

Look at us here in Penang, i am so happy for PR under the leadership of Ah Eng,Lim Guan Eng and dont listen to those who accused AH Eng, i can tell you it is utterly nonsense. I will make sure next round,i will still vote for Ah Eng

uLi.佑莉 said...

Ya, I hear you!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

"..that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government: of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." ~ Abraham Lincoln. The final say is entirely in your hands right now..Vote wisely Sarawakians!!!

CH Voon said...

eugene: I hope all sarawakian can read your comment here as well! Just change it and we can have it back when they are good!!!!

uLi: you from sarawak??? :)

Bananaz: i will vote wisely and i hopee others will do so!

Merryn said...

U sarawakian? i'm sohai to the max as i dun do politics... :P

CH Voon said...

Merryn: yes i do. You not realise that my cantonis is a bit weak meh? hahaha I am not politics as well just kepo a bit only.

Gratitude said...

Wah CH, getting political ka? :)
Sadly, the winds of change faces an uphill task, especially in Sarawak whereby the rural people have been bought over recently by the BN gomen. RM450 per year per child subsidy is a lot to these people, thus it'll secure their votes.
Still, every vote counts, so we need to be at the forefront of change.

Borneo Falcon said...

I think I will purposely fly back to Sarawak to vote if the election is scheduled to be this year

CH Voon said...

Gratitude: no sure political just my own opinion only. Yalor i pity those rural people under controlled by "THEM". But, if not make it change, they will be always like sohai!

Borneo Falcon: me too! if i not at outstation e.g. Ukraine or Russian. I will back!

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Yep, every vote counts, so vote wisely ;)

CheaHSan said...

Aiyo joining the licks & ticks of politics sekarang..? Very fierce like tiger haha. Every vote counts and makes a difference.

CH Voon said...

cHristinA_YY: ya! I will votee wisely unless they not allow me to vote :(.

CheaHS@n: hahaha Just make because of traffic jam yesterday night at KL, and make me have this idea and hope they really do their work after take money from people.

amycheah said...

Voon, very well planning...if kena block then beli domain...wakakkakaka, good lah u!

CH Voon said...

Amycheah: hahaha this is the worst case la friend hehehe

Mummy Gwen said...

Politics is not my cup of tea..hehe.

cleffairy said...

You wanna buy domain kah? Find me... I got sell... lol...

Tekkaus said...

Election? This year? Let's see if there will eb another Tsunami?

manglish said...

waaaaaa a lot of vote and vote wisely my fren :)

Yee Ling said...

Now onie know u r Sarawakian..

Politics, langsung tak tahu. I didnt even vote, a bad Malaysian...hahhah

Donna said...

wah.. sohai sohai..
i also never vote leh.. =.="
that time still under age, no need vote.. kekekek..
aiya, same only la...
all are same sohai, A also sohai, B also sohai, C also sohai, and we got A B C only..

CH Voon said...

Mummy Gwen: You are wrong. It indirect affect you. do you know that? All price increase or reduce all related to politic.

cleffairy: noted. so far, i still not blocked yet :P when i blocked, i will looking for you.

Tekkaus: Possible election for sarawak only.

CH Voon said...

manglish: Sure a bit anger lo... because so many sohai here.

Mommy ling: Must go to vote! Else dont complain the price of the items keep increasing oh :P

Donna: Must register and vote. hehehe as you know number of philipino in Sabah is more than local people. if you not vote... you will extinct in sabah lioa

Donna said...

aihhh... arboh every election need fly back meh? flight ticket cheapest also RM 300++, CHEAPEST OK!! Fly back 1 day and back to johor so wan kat meh..

[SK] said...

well, who ask us to be born and grow up and living in this sohailand?? no choice.. :(

CH Voon said...

Donna: You want back without pay? You go to tell them you will vote them but air ticket you pay for me. i guess they will pay for you.

SK: it is good bolehland... only sohai people cause the problems

vialentino said...

hey bro...thanks for ur wishes on my 100k mark ... wat a long way to reach this mark ...

Superman said...

Wah, KL flash flood again. Too bad.
Yup, Sarawak election is coming soon...Sep is a good month for BN to lose? Hehe.
Long time didn't hear the word Sohai! Kind of miss it.

CH Voon said...

Via: you are welcome :)

Superman: why you say Sep is good month? why long time didnt hear sohai word? hahah

wenn said...

our votes count so choose wisely.

elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

Its depend on you already! Need more wisdom sarawakian like you~

Going to swak this april, stay 2 weeks at mukah, dun know got chance to help 白毛'拉票'ma.. lol..~~

I am ok, thanks for your concern dear~ ^^

CH Voon said...

elims Chuang: hahaha why you go to mukah? holiday? welcome to sarawak. where you will land? kuching or miri or etc. currently i work in KL... cannot bring your bersiar-siar or makan-makan. hahaha hopee you can help him to '拉票'