Saturday, March 13, 2010

IT needs Education

If you going to take your Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner - Please Don't continue read my post.
I am not responsible for it.

"Again, this is a scheduled post, now i am sleeping on the plane toward to Ukraine again".

The day before i am going to Ukraine.
It is sunny Friday morning.
I plan a lot of stuff to do that day.
First, i plan to wash my clothes, Nice lunch in IOI mall and maybe have a shock movie there too.
To reward myself before i leave Malaysia.

When i am taking my clothes put inside the washing machine,
WTF! I saw a MOUSE!
It is not a computer mouse!

It is a dead MOUSE!
Really disgusting and i wonder i still can have a nice lunch later or not.
See all the stomach come out!
So terrible right?

See... Nowadays, a cat need a give a proper education.
I should suggest a course for our education minister.
I hope he can figure out what is the good solution to teach a cat.
What is the education i hope they can provide.

It is not the technical such like mathematic, science or etc which are more theoretical.
When the cat is young, i wonder we should give them more in moral education.
With a good moral - indirectly have a good attitude!
No point to create a cat with good knowledge but bad attitude and use their knowledge to harm people.
With bad attitude, they will become intelligent terrorist!!

See.. the cat kill a mouse and not grave it properly!
Somemore... it leave something disguting item behind!

It is a CAT SHIT!

It indirectly make make me feel not more appetizer to have my lunch anymore!
Oh no!!!...... i forget to put Laundry powder in my washing machine!!


uLi.佑莉 said...


Anonymous said...

err..who murdered the mouse and decapitated its head? oh yucks.

Merryn said...

so pityful the mouse! if the head is still intact tak per.. this is really cruel... :(

wenn said...

eerie look of the dead mouse!

Reanaclaire said...

hey.. did u wash your hands with dettol??? mouse got lots of virus one.. of course the shit too!! hehehehe...

Tekkaus said... cat is so ganas? :p

foongpc said...

You are on your way to Ukraine again? So how you feel? Missing Malaysia? : )

Bad cat! I am eating as I read this! Yucks!!!

cleffairy said...

Somehow, this stuff does not disgust me.Ignorance disgusted me to no end, though.

manglish said...

wowwwwwwwwwwww the cat snap the mouse 1st time i see this cool.....hahahaahhh i am a bit sadist hahaahaahah ohhh yes if i go back i will go see donna bcs my hometown is in jb

ps: ohh i imagined you shrieked but u didnt rite hahahahahahaha

CH Voon said...

uLi: disgusting right hehehe

Mei Teng: i guess is neighbour's cat gua

Merryn: so the cat need education right heheh

CH Voon said...

wenn: it goees to heaven liao

reanaclaire: yes... i wash. need to clean it before my family saw it.

Tekkaus: not my car... i dislike cat eheheh

CH Voon said...

foongpc: now at the istanbul airpot - miss ar... sure... aiyo... i give you warning liao right.. not my fault hahaha

cleffairy: mmm you are the superwoman.

manglish: i not shrieked .... i just wonder how to clean it only.

MeRy said...


Kris and Nadia said...

Huh?! really disgusting .. ohya, i think u shud subscribe my feed RSS to have my link updated here :)

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Sure its cat shit? All I know kampung cat will bury its own shit and leaves no trace of it. My mama's version - once upon a time cat & tiger were buddies but coz of some misunderstanding had a big fight & tiger chases the cat who ran up the tree and stay on for days. The cat happens to shit from the tree and the tiger was waiting below told that very cat "since I cannot get you will eat your shit to represent you". From that day onwards cat would bury its shit. Think urban cat are brought up differently since no tiger could be seen??? tQ

CheaHSan said...

Mickey might be very upset becoz it didnt save the life of that poor rat from the claws of the cat. Have a great time in Ukraine think this time would not be that cold as your last trip.

[SK] said...

oh yucks!! so disgusting!! and looks like you have a story to tell behind woh.. secretly killed a victim, ate it but left stains and garbage on the spot, and then left with a shit behind.. hahaha!! very uncool man~~

WendyinKK said...

RIP mouse.

what will u buy me in ukraine since i got the 2nd pic correct?? Wei, if my other answers are not correct, at least give me some consolation price for being the only one correct with pic 2.
kekekekeke. As if i'm sure correct.. hahahah!1

Superman said...

Bad kitty. Really awful. Luckily I am not seeing this before my meal. Have a nice trip in Ukraine.

Donna said...

oh.. i see WTF.. =.="
but this is the reason i dont want to have any pets in my life anymore...

I had dog once, his fav was to eat lizards' body, frogs' body and attack birds!!! T.T, and left those head on my door! I fuxxing HATE THAT!!!!!
Because i had to clean it up with MAX disgusted feeling!

mNhL said...

Gross! yucks!

You enjoyed your trip to the UK.


aarrarggghhhh~~~~ disgusting !!!
feel like puking now~ :(

Cynthia said...

yiak!! I was done with lunch, and wanted to have a bite on my 'tea break' later... now, I think I will ta pao back and forget about your entry first before eating!

Mummy Gwen said... were so brave to take pictures some more..haha..salute you lah.

BoeyJoey said...

Your neighbour (the cat) left souvenirs for you before your go to Ukraine :-D.

Have a safe and good trip there :-)

CH Voon said...

Mery : hehehe disgusting le…. I want to put it head one but cannot take a good photos.

Kris and Nadia: ok noted.

Bananaz: this is not kampong cat… is city cat. Stupid one. This story I never heard before but quite interested. But this is city, I guess they forget about tiger anymore.

CH Voon said...

CheaHS@n: Pity rat hehehe. Yupe, now in Ukraine is around 2 to 10 degree. Feel better a bit.

SK: Hahaha actually, I have 2 story behind it. You are cool man to spot it out.

Wendyywy: hahaha let me check whether your answer is correct or not. I guess your answer is incorrect la… so far nobody get it right. Hehehee

CH Voon said...

Superman: You are lucky than foongpc wakakaka .

Donna: FYI, I don’t have pet too. This stupid cat is my jiran punya cat. Wakakaka your dog need education as well wakakaka. Actually, I feel Max disgusting too but I want share to your guys …sama feel disgusting lo wakakaka

mNhL: thank you. I hope I enjoy this trip as well.

CH Voon said...

Cynthia: hahaha sorry for this disgusting post. Wakakaka

Mummy Gwen: er… need to share with you and bloggers and my family too mah :P

BoeyJoey: This is bad souvenirs I never have before : ( Yes, I hope I have great trip as well.

CH Voon said...

er... i miss some comment reply ar.... too rush ..

L²: hahaha really want to puking??? mmm i feel want to pangsai too

Annie Q said...

ARRGGGG!!!!! I am having my lunch now while reading this!!! So how lei????

Merryn said...

the tikus need to be taught that cat is not a friend..