Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life in Ukraine

Ukraine Ar…..
I will not write too much about Ukraine this time.
If you interesting to know about Ukraine.
Please read my previous post – This is UK (I) and This is UK (II).

This trip is the worst for me.
I feel headache;
Maybe, I am treated low quality Volka and still feel not well after 2 days.
I feel a bit soft-throat;
Maybe, the air is damn dry. 
Wake up several times at night to search for drink.
I feel tired;
Maybe, it is because sleep not very well.
Now, I am sick (flu + cough);
Maybe, my body engine is getting one year older soon.

Let me share about drinking beer session with you guys!
(I guess I will be scolded by wife – sick and still drinking)
The story starts from here….
My contractor – Alexey and his friend come from Kiew visit him.
So, there is a beer drinking session in apartment.
We bought some snacks and beers.

Leffe beer – Product of Belgium.
Its taste great!
Cost is damn cheap, less than RM4 per bottle.
Chips & Seafood.
Raw salted fishes.

Actually, I feel bored for every drinking session.
I look like transparent to them.
Maybe, it is because I cannot speak Russian language.
Maybe, I am Invisible man.
However, I always make myself happy.

This is outcome from me.

Its taste funny for me and I can say I am not used to it.
Ukraine people like to eat salted fish, tomatoes, cucumbers, and etc.
Do you know why?

Maybe, Alexey notices that I am damn bored.
He tries to presentation something to cheer me up.

Do you see people use eyes to open BEER Bottle?
Wait for my next post “Use eyes to open Beer Bottle”


TZ said...

hmmm... eyes to open beer bottle ... LoL
Please do not try with Malaysia beer bottle... later you need to go to HKL or UH. Anyway, i used to open beer in US and Canada using my bare hand... just a twist and it opened...

amycheah said...

Curious to knw the picture #3, will they cook the seafood or not? or eat raw like that? Or that packet already cooked one? Anyway, it looks so geli to me.

CH Voon said...

TZ: yupe it is really happen - use eye to open the bottle above. But, i am not brave to try it! Yes, i know what you mean. There is some beer bottle can open by hand.

Amycheah: Nope they like to eat raw one. i try it and feel not good for me. i guess not cook - especially for the raw fish!

Engineer's Principles said...

bro, take care.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Bro think you are sick due to lack of sleep and not enough water. Sleep more drink more (ah ah not leffe beer might take your life instead) but water you will be OK. Opening beer bottles with eyes? Hm could be a very misleading statement:p I would say using beer opener in the shape of any 'eye' instead of half moon shape. Know you are "kuwak chai" lots of tricks up in your sleeves hehe. It takes a bigger thief to catch a thief so to speak haha. Take care bro. You need more rest.:)

Merryn said...

the fish oso tinggal tulang oni wat.. suka tak suka.. bones n heads n tails oni left.. hehe..

uLi.佑莉 said...

Salted fish??? Just solely eat this fish w/o any rice or porridge?? Weird le...

CheaHSan said...

Lack of sleep and change of climate and environment could make you feel sick. Need rest and plenty of water. Woh can get 1st prize for food presentation haha.

CheaHSan said...

Hard to believe eyes can open beer bottles. Have seen people using teeth, chopstick, and beer opener but never heard of seen using eyes. So seeing is believing but still very skeptical. Will be waiting for your next post.

Merryn said...

u love sick.. or home sick.. :(

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Yeah lah you lupsick missing all the bloggers in Msia..haha

Anonymous said...

How come your work takes you to Ukraine?

Mummy Gwen said...

You must be missing your family. Don't drink too much leh. Hehe..I sounded like your wife..oops.

wenn said...

well, too far away fr home.

[SK] said...

aih, so pity to fell sick out of home and nobody to take care of you, sure you feel homesick right??

haha, i like your "artwork" with the fish, so bored watching two guys speaking some language you totally don't understand..

using eyes to open beer bottle?? hmmm, i'm so looking forward to it!!!

Alice Law said...

My 1st visit to your blog, found something interesting here...hahaha, a guy that opened the bottle cap with his eye... and some "goodies" that you had in Ukraine!

foongpc said...

Hope you get well soon! And stop drinking if you care about your liver! : )

foongpc said...

Salted fish? Is it something like the salted fish we Chinese like to eat in Malaysia? Not good to eat salted fish as they are linked to nose cancer.

Annie Q said...

Hope you feel better now.

Drink beer? Ok la, like my hub always said "kwai low leung char" ma. :P

Take good care ya.