Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It is a BIG Pop

Several days I disappear in blogging world, it’s not mean that I stop blogging. 
I have to concentrate and focus on my commissioning tasks here.
It is neither a jokes nor games.
It is a critical moment.
Do you know any idea about hydrogenation plant?

Hydrogenation plant‘s main operation reaction between refined Palm oil or sun flower oil or others oil with hydrogen, H2 gas under vacuum to produce margarine or others oil product. 
If you are chemist, you understood more about the bonding between hydrogen with the oil. 
More bonding process takes place effect the IV values drop….

Sound not so serious right?
When I study my chemistry subject during my secondary school,
I like do one of the experiment – how to check the gas is hydrogen gas.
After electrolyze process, H2 is produced and accumulated inside an experiment tube/Tabung uji.
Put a “Kayu penyala” near closely to the “Tabung uji”, and you will hear “pop” sound.

Please imagine the “Tabung uji” is magnified to 7 meter height and diameter is 3 meter.
If the tank collected with hydrogen gas and it is leaking while someone is playing fire around, you will not hear “Pop” sound to any further extent!
I guess you will hear “BOOM” and the surrounding area will be spotless.

Despite it is dangerous zone, and I were puzzled that a lot of “Tester” walking around there.
Do you know what I mean by “Tester”?
Do you know how to check the leaking of hydrogen gas?
Very simple, just ask the “Tester” go to the place and light up their loving cigarette
(I emphases here that I am not criticize those people who smoke)

When you see photos below, Hydrogen gas is definite Leaking.

Don't worry, there are a lot of tester line up there for this testing.

There is a law against this but it is rarely enforced because boss is the gang of the “Tester”.

What you can do before it happen to you?



Merryn said...

Vanessa is always so cute :D

Alice Law said...

Please don't terrify me, my husband is going to get a car with hydrogen fuel soon... :p

Vanessa is still adorable... sweetnya~!(But why wearning dress with pants har?)Have a safe trip there!

Tekkaus said...

I thought treadmill is very dangerous? But Vanessa made it look so easy. :D

manglish said...

waaaaaaaaaa voon ehh i think only u know how i feel working in a foreign land where we duno the language, so isolated hor wuaaaaaaa hahahaha anyway u b very careful with ur work, sound so dangerous..

wenn said...

wow, little girl on treadmill?

uLi.佑莉 said...

Don't beh dangerous wei....hhee!

Kelvin said...

Wah, u becareful leh...

Anonymous said...

Don't know anything about hydrogenation process but have heard of it.

[SK] said...

haha, i have forgotten how to test the hydrogen already.. i thot burning it will produce some water, since H2 + 02 = H20?? haha..

wah, no play play woh you work under such "testing" environment, quite dangerous leh..

Mummy Gwen said...

Your work is quite dangerous leh. Be extra careful ya. Vanessa is cute on the threadmill.

mNhL said...

I hate chemistry. Too many symbols and don't have a good memory to memorize them. Wow...'pop' sound became BOOM sound. Really dangerous. Take care.

Gratitude said...

Noticed you were missin too, but then you made a noticeable return with a 'bomb' post.

Learnt a lil more about chemistry today, thanks to you! ^_^

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Wowie love the 'peace' sign. So the "tester" is like calf dunno tiger, hit die no run? Vanessa wanna train her stamina to run with you to catch the plane in Ukraine? haha. Take care tQ

foongpc said...

Wah! Such a dangerous job! Covered by insurance or not?

CH Voon said...

Merryn : Thank you. : )

Alice Law: Cool! Sure need to be careful. I guess the tank should be very strong.
Er… I also don’t know why I give her wear pants.

Tekkaus: The treadmill has a speed control, and it moves slowly.

CH Voon said...

Manglish: Poor choon! Yupe, no choices work in foreign country unless we know what they talking about.
Else we will be isolated soon,

Wenn: yes – try to train up be 100m runner.

uLi: yes, but now I settle the plant and wait for production hahaha

CH Voon said...

Kelvin: You should ask them “tester” be careful.

Mei Teng: err… just a oil process.

SK: hehehe your formula is not balance – should be 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O + energy mah..

CH Voon said...

Mummy Gwen: don’t worry… I will stay inside the control room, let the tester go there.

mNhL: why? I like chemistry very much. Hehehe very easy one.

Gratitude: I hope I will not return a bomb post.

CH Voon said...

Bananaz: They never think about the safety. What to do? They never listen.