Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not Easy to Guess 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (III)

Result time!
Nothing special - Just game.
Hope everyone enjoy.

The Answer is shown as below:
1. It look like paper. That why someone call it "Paper roses/Bunga kertas/Bauganvilla"
2. Er... Disgusting for me but maybe not for you, it is "Ass of chicken/Gai See Fart"
3. On and off automatic controlled by light sensor - it is "Street light/Street lamp/Lampu Jalan"
4. It is hot weather, it is better have a drink like "Kooke far/Air kotak bunga kekwa/"Kukfa" Chrysanthemum"
5. Why look so dark, check ... the "bulb is blow".
6. You can see it when night time. It is "moon/full moon"
7. Nice to eat - "Papaya/Betik"

Nobody can spot all correct.
However, i choose those who manage to answer more than 5 question or above for next round.
They are...

Mei Teng,Foongpc &Wendyyw.

Don't feel disappointed OK... if your name not here.
Win or Lose - Just a games  : )

Lucky draw start now.... see video as below:

Congratulation to the 3 winner and please email me your address so... i can send to you soon.

Thank for Nuffnang sponsor all the prize - money earned from Nuffnang.


Tekkaus said... asked your lil baby to choose huh! Good one. She is so cute. :D

manglish said...

weiiiiiii cant see ur video wor duno why..later check again

Unknown said...

Bro,, to be frank, lately i feel so lost coming here, so sad,, may be no prize for me hahahahahah

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Thankz Vanessa for picking Bananaz muaahhhh. Oh I almost did it with chicken wing it was so near and yet so far. Lost by a Bishop's nose haha. tQ

Cynthia said...

congrats to the winners!! but I still like the way Vanessa pick the winners more!!

Merryn said...

wah lau! so kancheong i watch the video!!!! lol.. thank you vanessa, love you :D

muaks muaks...

shake head at the chicken backside.. HOW lah we suppose to know???????

CH Voon said...

Tekkaus: Very difficuilt to ask her to draw ... until chasing for few times, and she looks tired rigth? And, i set the video in HD (200MB) until upload until morning 3am... tired for me too!

Manglish: cannot see ar... aiyo... Next time, i will think twice before i make this activities hehehe

eugene: sorry to let you feel lost. aiya... just a game ... maybe i will not do this activities in future and you will not feel lost anymore hehe

CH Voon said...

Bananaz: See... Vanessa look tired to draw and lazy to do so. That why i cannot get the video until 11pm. She want to sleep oledi. Congratz.

Cynthia: She want to sleep oledi but still kena force to do so. pity leh.

Merryn: Congratz. Yalor... the tips is quite near oledi. But, one bloggers manage to get it right - Wendy

WendyinKK said...

Eh, I wrong one only ma!!!!!!! The last one i say mango, but it's betik lor.
The light bulb one.. aiya.. half correct lor...
Then I'm 5 1/2 correct what..

But then again, the gai see fart is correct lor... bonus woh..

CH Voon said...

wendyywy: yes, that why you are going to second round. :) Actually, i found that a lot of people get this wrong as well. but, i have give a tips "Why look so dark..." hehehe But, you are geng la... but luck not so good nia. Next time la... when i go to outstation again... (but not ukraine) Ukraine's sourvenir not good one. Maybe.. next time go to moscow or Indonesia... depend ok.

WendyinKK said...

okokla.. I watch the movie liao... mou horng ah..
As usual, even when there are 75 gifts and 82 (9/10 chances woh)people for the draw, I still never get it. what about 3/7. Fat hopes!!!!

Sigh.... Tissue please ****

CheaHSan said...

Congratz to the lucky winners. Aiya hard lah to recognise the 'tongkeng ayam' aka Bishop's nose aka Gai Poot aka Gai sifut. lol...Got one lady colleague who loves Gai Poot very very much. She can order one whole plate full of Gai Poots about 5~6 with chicken rice and said its yummy. One thing I noticed she has got nice smooth facial complexion. Maybe the Gai Poot could be giving her all the collagen boost over the years?

CH Voon said...

wendyywy: aiya.. feel sorry to make you cry. aiya... just a games mah hehehe reconsider again next time not create this kind of games... indirect make a lot of people feel down.

CheaHS@n: My tips not close enough? for me, i dislike to eat this part... very smelly and err... dirty. Your friend is geng but i agree that eat this can make face look nice.

Kelvin said...

Wats the prize? $$$?

uLi.佑莉 said...

Oooo...congrats to the winner =)

Anonymous said...

Haha..chicken butt! They say eating chicken butt (or Bishop's nose) is good for the skin. I wonder if it's true.

CH Voon said...

Kelvin: Just some souvenir from Ukraine + Turkey + Thailand.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

tQ. Sorry Sir cant find your e-meow address in your profile ¿

CH Voon said...

uLi: : )

Mei Teng: Let we try it and see. :) if our skin become good meaen it is true.

Bananaz: i email to you my address okie.

[SK] said...

i think i didn't take part in that because i was not confident and don't think i can get more than half correct.. so when is the next round, i'm eagerly waiting for that~~ :)

CH Voon said...

SK: I guess it will be long time later lo... cause i need to earn some for nuffnang first.

mNhL said...

Wow!!! I'm also one of the winner! Thank you Voon and must say a BIG THANKG YOU to Vanessa. Haha...look how tired and sleepy she was. Poor baby but funny. haha....

Hey, I email you my home address already. ^_^

Anusha said...

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