Wednesday, May 12, 2010

26 hours in Penang (Part 2)

After a short break at Ayer Itam Dam,
We travel to this famous shop.
Wo... it is 150 years old...
I am tired and sleep at this moment.
Hence, i miss all those cute cute dummy.
"Cute right?"
Today, i am not introduce this cute dummy.
I introduce the famous Ghee Hiang Pneah!
You can buy a lot different type of Pneah here.
If you are Penang people, you can call for deliver as well.
The number is 1300-88-2727.
"I wonder if i call from KL, they will deliver to me too?"

After, we are going to a coconut stall.
Not nice to see, but coconut is nice to drink.
"Will you try it or not?"
Don't worry it is clean to drink!

We drive to Seberang Prai to take our dinner.
 Special Satay - (8/10)
It is look nothing special but it really taste great!
It not contain less skin of chicken or pork compare to Kajang satay.
It taste little bit salt and juicy.
Honestly, i prefer this rather than Kajang Satay.
Mix vegetables with Tofu - (5.5/10)
It is normal and not much special for me.
The green broccoli is slight old and not really fresh.
Daddy order this dishes for me because Tofu is easy for me to eat.
Belacan KangKung/Water Spinach - (8/10)
Taste is mixed nicely with fresh prawn. 
It is best combination with a bowl of rice.
Sweet n Sour Crab - (6.5/10)

This is highly recommend by the waiter.
It is out of my expectation.
Its taste not strong enough and almost tasteless for me.
But, It is look nice to eat right?

My daddy miss to photos of the Tom Yam soup - (7.5/10).
So... cannot share the photos with you.

Overall, the food is (8+5.5+8+6.5+7.5)/50 = (7.1/10)

Thank you to Uncle David for this nice dinner.
What is the next?
Uncle David scares my daddy that;
He told my daddy "We go to supper"
It is not supper, it is call suffer.

Lucky, we not plan go to supper immediately because it is too early to supper - around 8pm.

Guess where we going to - 

Night Shanghai Club!

Because i still under age 18 years old.
So, we went to a hotel - Traders Hotel opposite Night Shanghai Club.

I like this place very much!
How to describe this place - Teen park.

To speed up the digestion system of our stomach.
We order a damn sour lemon tea with honey.

"Really nice!"

Besides, there are Philippine live band singers at the pub's corner.
Those singers look beautiful and sweet.
They attracted my attention, hence i walk closed to them.
"Jie Jie, why you sing so sweet? Can you teach me?"
"Mummy and Auntie Mellisa"

After 1.5 hours,
It is our supper time.
Penang is heaven for my daddy - Lucky, he not stay at Penang for longer time.
Else, he will gain another 5kg for sure.

We had our Hokkien mee at the famous night stall.
Look small bowl but nice to eat
"More sambal for my daddy!"
This food stall is just opposition and near to the Tune Hotel.

Around 10pm,
I have to back to hotel to sleep!

To be Cont...


Tekkaus said...

150 years? Wow...really very long already lor. :p

Tekkaus said...

Haha :D How come your allowed you little sweetie to wonder onto the stage? :p

manglish said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa very nice trip leh, i didnt know the pneah is 150 yrs oredi oso so long....hahahaaha

Gratitude said...

You've got me drooling for Penang food now, so early in the morning. ;)

Your lil' one is a real good poser! hehe

suituapui said...

Traders' Hotel? rich oh! Expensive place. Go Penang....must eat at hawker stalls baru best! Penang char kway teow...or chian...etc etc etc.

Donna said...

eh, i notice something leh.. =.="
you also using numbering for your picture in your blog izzit!!!
ahahaha... me too.. wtf..

eh, the food so nice.. i want some.. then i can no need use any $$ for 1 week. T__T

uLi.佑莉 said...

Weeee...The Yi Heong....last time I went there don't have these 2 big dolls one wor...Opppss! that was 3 years back :P

Unknown said...

again, next time you come must call me, promise?

mNhL said...

haha...supper = suffer. Not really la. Since you are there already, must eat till puas puas ma. Lil vanessa not afraid to go up to the stage hor.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Great! Ghee Hiang has finally changed. No choice so competitive need to change to stay in biz. Used to be very very very very veryyyyyy snobbish *papai* before Him Hiang, Siah Hiang and whatever Hiang's mushroomed in Penang. Now they even have delivery. Those days have to *beg* for one box over the counter.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Wow your taste buds have quite a pretty high standard for food overall only 7.1/10 score. For Bananaz would vote ten-ten-ten over ten when Penang food is concern haha. Missing my fave curry mee already. tQ.

Merryn said...

THAT is the place that I missed la on my last trip to Penang! the 150 years old one.. boo hooo hoooo :(

The pics here are all very nice.. clear n sharp .. i likey :D

[SK] said...

wah, 150 years already ah?? wah, somemore got such a nice building and two cute mascot in front of the building.. really rich to market themselves hor??

[SK] said...

actually between 義香 and 馨香, which one is more famous and the biscuit more delicious leh?? cos my family always buy from 馨香 only..

[SK] said...

hahahaha, the 義香 building so nice, suddenly turned to the coconut shop with lots of garbage!! very contrast lor, hahaha.. but i guess as long as the drinks and food are nice, we don't care right??

[SK] said...

eih, the food in seberang prai very nice lor, look until i'm droolling already lor.. but purposely drive over for dinner ah?? if i go penang, i'll just stay there and won't go to seberang prai one lor..

[SK] said...

that hokkien mee so small one?? how come?? two mouth already can finish lor like that!! so how many bowls you had for supper?? hehehe~~ :p

Kelvin said...

Wat is Vanessa holding? A remote? She looks so sad.

WendyinKK said...

I never eat crawl before, only eat crab.
The broccolli looks fine to me la, still very green. Maybe it's overcooked lor, so you find it too soft eh?

I see they give you one small pitcher of honey for your lemon tea. Not enough mai ask for more lor. Big hotels no problem, just ask, they'll give.

I also never like Kajang Sate.
My favourite is Temoh Sate. A small kampung near Tapah that prepares sate for Perak Sultan :)

Anonymous said...

I dislike satay with too much chicken skin. Find them eeky.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Your photos are very nice :) The food all looked so good but why you give such low rating? Baru 7.1 on average? I expect something around 8-9/10 cos it's Penang food wor!

CH Voon said...

Tekkaus: it is quite old history. She walked there alone and enjoy the singer song. it is ok for she to train up meet with stranger mah

Manglish: so when u plan go to Penang? our plan???

CH Voon said...

Gratitude: i like penang food very much. hehehe she learn from me gua hahaha

suituapui: my friend work there so he brought us there. :) yes, i taste the food oledi. but this time i not took char kway teow hehehe

CH Voon said...

Donna: yes, i always arrange like this so i know which photos come first mah. hehehe Go to penang then u can enjoy the food.

uLi: hehhee 3 years change a lot mah hehehe

CH Voon said...

eugene: ok ok next time, i call you but i dont have ur hp la... how to call hehehe.

mNhL: it is fun actually. until i gain another 4kg.

CH Voon said...

Bananaz: er.. 7.1 is very high lo (it pass the exam). if i give 3.9, it is totally not human human food lo.

Merryn: thank you for compliment, i will take more pretty photos to share ;)

CH Voon said...

SK: i like the cute mascot too. They are rich so this is nothing for them. hahaha after buy phean, sure need to drink so nice drink mah. so we went there. yes, we purposely driver over and eat and come back. the hokkien mee yes small a bit but nice to eat.

Kelvin: she look happy la... yes, TV remote. she watched tv mah

CH Voon said...

wendyywy: hehehe wrong spell la. yupe a bit soft. We ask for second rough lo hehehe. what is temoh sate - i want to try. :P u belanja.

Mei Teng: this one not much skin - not skin at all.

CH Voon said...

ChloeRuoyi: thank you for compliment. wah.. 7.1 very high for me lo... hehehe i give this mark because some improvement needed.

Annie Q said...

using your new camera to snap the pictures? Look clear and nice, and make the food look more delicious and very tempting, especially that plate of sweet and sour crabs! Yum!! Although you rate it tasteless, but from the picture it looks good.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Vanessa very brave girl lah, she just went to the stage like nobody biz, hehe.

I wonder what Penangites call the "Hokkien Mee" (noodle in black sauce) which we normally eat in KL?