Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Neighbours 1

Do you have neighbour?
If you stay in Banglow lot, I guess you don't have neighbour beside you.
Sure, I have neighbour surround me.

If you have neighbour, and how you understand about them?
Let talk about my left side neighbour.
Husband is a handsome pilot like our astronaut;
Wife is a pretty and tall stewardess;
They have 2 daughters around 9-10 years old.
They employ 1 Indonesia maid as well.
They have 1 BMW 5 series and 1 Suzuki Swift.
Relatives from Johor.

When I move in 6 years ago,
I guess we not talk to each other more than 1 word.
Maybe, this is because of a Berlin wall between us.
Maybe, i don't have a better car compare to them.
However, we are respect each other as well.
We like peaceful all the time.

I am wondering...
I wonder why they throw rubbish into my compound?
They not manage to buy rubbish tong?


Broken balloon.
Satay stick
Supermarket receipt.

and snack papers etc.

I guess all the rubbish thrown by their children.
Must understand that they always not at home.
Hence, they cannot spend more time to teach their children.

What to do? Collect it and throw into my rubbish tong...

How about your neighbour?


wenn said...

my neighbor likes to simply throw rubbish n sometimes it ends on my flower pots outside the house.

Kelvin said...

Lucky my neighbours are nice polite ppl:)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Luckily, most of my neighbours are very nice and polite. So far, no prob getting along with them and the kids.

Anyway, I got an award for you

Mummy Gwen said...

My neighbours are nice ppl.

manglish said...

pack and nicely give them back to him and tell him "ohh i think your children forgot to bring these back the other day they came and said hello" and leave haahahhahahha

[SK] said...

wah, pilot and stewardess couple huh?? what a perfect match..

[SK] said...

i guess the reason you've not talked to them much is because you seldom can see them as they are always on trip..

[SK] said...

errr, but i guess it's quite common and not surprise nowadays that you don't know your neighbours at all.. modern people's life mah..

[SK] said...

yeah, i would guess so that their children are spoilt.. and the indonesian maid might have been bullied by them too.. afterall they are also her "boss" indirectly..

[SK] said...

haiz, really nothing much you can do about those rubbish huh?? unless you really go and scold the children lor..

Yee Ling said...

If first time , still ok for me..if there is another 2nd or 3rd time, then i will talk to the neighbour lor.

Blessed my both sides neighbours also good. I guess they may feel a lil unlucky having us as neighbour cos we bring no peace to them..ahhaha...always shouting here n there.

ChloeRuoyi said...

9-10 years old still don't know how to use the dustbin meh? Next time collect all and give back to them haha.

I'm staying in a condo... so far both my next door neighbours are good but I hate those staying above cos sometimes they will drop "surprises" on my balcony too :(

Anonymous said...

I would like a home that's not so close to other neighbours. I like privacy and sometimes, some neighbours are bad ones.

WendyinKK said...

My mom once saw her new neighbour's kids (youngest is 13 gua!!!) purposely threw ice cream wrappers over to our fence.It's not first offence, Mom saw it few times. Mom beh tahan oredi and threw the wrappers back in their compound.
They never did it again.

Then, hoh, when the same kids throw their rubbish bags that oredi has worms, they always throw in our bin. Mom got very angry and hid the rubbish bin.

My mom won't tell the mother, cos she knew the mother will kill them. She's very fierce and my mom says she's too fierce to her kids

BoeyJoey said...

my mum's neighbour bring their dog to the front of my mum's house every morning to... pang sai. kek sei lei mo?

Broccoli Ginger said...

Maybe you can pay them a visit.. :P or maybe the balloon just popped and flown to your house? and the children try to use the satay sticks to get it?

uLi.佑莉 said...

My neighbor's child play football in front of my corridor :(

Gratitude said...

LOLZ Manglish is full of sarcasm, but I'm sure his idea will work! hehe

It's definitely the children. If it were me, i'd just let the hansem hubby and gorgeous wife know about the rubbish. I'm sure they are educated enough to chide their children.

At least your situation is not as bad as mine. My left neighbour, a young newly wed couple, are dog lovers who do not know how to love their dogs and be responsible to their neighbours. They are out from dawn to dusk, leaving their 3 dogs in chains and beating them late at nite when they return coz the dogs probably pooped too much or had bitten somethings eg. clothes, pail (which is perfectly normal for teething pups). Meanwhile, we neighbours hv to bear with the stench of the dogs poop.

Arrrrgh, neighbours, either you love them or wanna shoot them!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

So far so good no complains nice people around opp & next door..c'mon its not the size of your car it's just that the hours of seeing eye to eye is so minimal. Think a smile would be good enough..I thought of buying SLK *ahem* and feel proud of it..Small Little Kancil..God does not care what car you're driving but only concern how many people you have driven who do not have transport..

mNhL said...

Aiyo...this type of neighbour *shake head*. U r doing good. To avoid problem and being understanding, you became their rubbish collector. hehehe.... tolerate. All well. ends well.

Annie Q said... lucky to have a "pretty and handsome" couple as your neighbour. :)

Next time, collect all the rubbish and 'return" it back to them on monthly basic. hahahahha

My house is corner house, and neighbours are mostly indian. So far no problem with them. :)