Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nightmare in Kamenka

Few days ago,
The owner of the haunted house,
He was not happy that he found some alcohol drink in his fridge.
He told the maid – not more alcohol drink allowed!
We were really unhappy that night.
It is really bored and exhausted life at here.
I feel I am stay inside the jail under monitoring.

Today, we receive a bad news!
I will probably stay here until next month.
Maybe, my attitude is not good and cannot release from the jail.
Maybe, I will celebrate my birthday alone again.
It is a BAD news!

Day by day,
We feel really bored and want to break the prison.
The prison is so strong –we give up at the end.

However, we always try to cheer up our life here.
We have another adventure outside the house.
It is start melting.

We start to cross the garden to another side. 

The snow is very depth.
Suddenly, I hear my colleague is yelling for help. 

I don’t know what happen to him.
And, I realize that there is a river which covers by snow.
OH…. Nope!  He’s cover by the snow! 

I’m very nervous at that moment!
I quickly ask another friend and start to pull him out of the snow.
After pulling him out, he is unconscious and we take him back to the house.
Lucky, we still have some vodka and let him drink to heat up his body.

Vodka saves his life and Thanks to Vodka!

From that day, we never play snow anymore. 

I feel lucky that he not becomes angel like the photos above.

Don’t play SNOW without parent around!


Tekkaus said...

Aww...I wish I can play snow just like you ler. Too bad. :p

Engineer's Principles said...

T.T me also will celebrate my birthday alone.

Reanaclaire said... serious!!! i dont want to dream living in a cold country anymore...

Happy Birthday in Advance wherever u will be, Voon!

suituapui said...

Tried once - cold and wet, not nice at all... Never again!

WendyinKK said...

ERr.. why no alcohol at the house leh? Any reason?

Your angel very nice la.

Gratitude said...

Thank heavens we live in a sunny tropical paradise. Shorts and slippers get my votes!

[SK] said...

the snow is terribly thick!! and scary your friend just dropped into the river @_@

hmmm, but i thot Russians like vodka very much, why the house owner not allow that??

MeRy said...

Snow.....I never see the real snow yet.....
Very nice pics.

TZ said...

Hmmm... It's dangerous to step on the pile of soft snow. Especially those on top of the thin ice. but are you teasing us or what? How can your friend drop in to the river with those snow beside the cap and glove untouched?

Anonymous said...

selamat hari jadi Voon ;)
don`t worry..u won`t be alone..

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Luckily your 'friend' survived otherwise and tQ to Vodka if not will say RIP or rather "Rest In Freeze" instead. You must be kidding? You planted the your hat and gloves in the snow right?

mNhL said...

beautiful white snow. Love the scenery. Anyway, hope you will enjoy your working days there....don't feel so sad la. Time flies ok. cheers

wenn said...

i want to play with snow!

Yee Ling said...

Gosh...everytime i open up ur blog, i feel so cold...ahhahah...seeing the ice...**shivering**

Annie Q said...

SNOW!!!! AH!!! We didn't see any snow this time. :(

Eh, the story about your colleague, you must be kidding right? Not that serious till you still can took a picture of him? hahahha