Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life in Ivory Coast - Part 2

Answer for the 69 wives:
One of the reason given by the engineer is:
His grandfather has a lot good friends.
Hence, when his good friends offer to marry his daughter.
If he reject, his friend will very sad and kill himself.
So, his grandfather want to prevent this bad things happen, so he marries his daughter.
Some of his uncle has more than 100 wives too.
It is crazy right? That why, the 34% of the population suffer of AIDS.

Let's talk about the my current status here:
Friends from Italy, Ivory Caost, France and Malaysia.
We have a farewell party for our boiler man - Macity.

After 1 week stay at the village,
We travel to the city of Abinja.
First, i thought it is a poor, dirty, dangerous city.

Wet market and condition of road after raining.

The next day, we travel again to the city to buy some stuffs.
After cross the bridge to another side of city.
Woo.... it is a modern city since 30 years ago. 
It is more advance than Malaysia during 1980.
Because of corruption government who still supported by people like "us"
After 30 years later,
It is poor country and people live suffering.
Malaysia will be become like this too - but it is your next generation suffer it.

It is modern city but i am not manage to take the view - raining

 They have to live ...

Let's talk about somethings more enjoyable... Food
Customer provides us delicious food as below:
Chicken xxxx

Side dish xxxx

Main course ???? 
Eating is enjoyable here.

After 1 week, we are tired about the food.
And, we make complain and they prepare others type of dishes.
I am kidding my friend:

Want to gain weight - stay at Africa.
Want to lose weight - stay at Russia.

Nothing good forever...
Don't envy me or etc...
Good things will come with bad things behind...

Eat too much...
And, need to buy Carbon pill to release gas...


[SK] said...

wah, really United Nations, haha!! but i guess it's a very good experience to be able to work with people from different culture and background..

[SK] said...

oh, the modern city and the old town, i guess this is everywhere in the world, you really see the contrasts..

[SK] said...

fuyoh, there are a lot of food, and even chicken also so many types, i think things are cheap there?? but maybe most of the people just cannot afford, it means the rich becomes richer, the poor becomes poorer?? right??

Anonymous said...

I want to stay at Russia then :)

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Things change time change you see the kampung side and then the city. The 69 wives story by the engineer is hard to buy but take it with a pinch of salt hahaha.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Wow what a spread..the chicken dishes is in one meal? What about fish, beef or mutton? Do they eat oink oink? I can see you certainly enjoyed the food more than Russia.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

All along thought carbon pills to be taken when kena food poisoning? Would always pack them with me when travelling. Shall be waiting for your part 3..

Reanaclaire said...

pity the people there.. they have a hard life.. like the people in some parts of India too.. rich will be richer.. poor will be poorer..
thanks for sharing the pictures here.. any more?

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

BTW what is the time difference over there and the currency used? US dollar should be acceptable there?

TZ said...

dude, you really make me miss Uganda now... I agreed with you live in Africa is fun and the food ... yummy~

Tekkaus said...

Make sure you don't find another wife there bro. :p

Tekkaus said...

Wow...your job really requires you to travel a lot huh! :D

Merryn said...

glad u enjoyed makan over there. it's so sad to read how u suffered in russia :D

Lol at Tekkaus.. don't he know u already have one each n every part of the world? :P Just kidding Didi! :D

Annie Q said...

So long no blog hopping and no drop here. When i first read the post, you're coming back soon from Ivory Coast, i was thinking, where is this place, i have to scroll back and read from the very beginning. hahahhahahha

Your work life very interesting lei, everytime travel to different place.