Thursday, June 9, 2011

Office Shifting to New Premises

1 month, i never create a single post here.
I am sorry to make someone become 長頸鹿 (Ziraffe).

Last month in my life 2011,
Most of my time spend in shifting the office and arrange with the renovation contractor.

3 things i met during the process of Office Shifting:

1. Irresponsible of renovation contractor.
It is not a big renovation on the new office but take almost 1 month+ to complete.
10 days before move in to the new office.
The renovation guy told me that the door/window gate maker are busy.
And, he ask we to find another people.

Lay the carpet, he delay it until last 2 days.
Reason given is his people busy at penang.

Until today, he promise to install the Intercom - not completed yet.
He keep drag the time from today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
Reason given is his people go home celebrate Chinese festival.

OK... It is ok!  
Don't blame me to delay your last payment too!

2. Ego & no manner TM installer guy.
I wonder what happen to this TM installer guy.
Maybe, he scold by his wife or his boss.

He talk sound not good and just like i am his staff.
He keep asking the T/B box keys.
I don't have and i call the owner.
When the owner come over with keys.
He open it with his own key. (Trouble people)

After complete installation, 
He told me i have to treat him drink because of his hard work.

I straight told him "This is your work scope"
(I don't might to treat, but his manner make me not willing to do so)

Next day, I cannot access to the internet.
I call him.
He told "Jangan cakap English, I tak faham"
"Ok ok saya cakap bahasa melayu looo"

He does not given me any helps because i used my own modem.

OK! It is ok...  
Don't blame me if you receive complaint from ME!

3. Packing and Cleaning.
Wo... It is tired if you do alone.
Yes, I do it alone most of time.
All colleagues are busy with their own things.

Don't shift the office if everyone are busy.

Selling old paper and catalog can earn fast money.
I obtain RM49.70 - faster than earn money from Nuffnang.

Old newspaper!!! Old newspaper!!! 


Yee Ling said...

mom told me the price of old newspaper is very high now..hehhehe..I have stacks of old newspaper at home..time to sell

TZ said...

share a picture of your nice new office :)

CH Voon said...

Yee Ling: it is Rm0.40 per kg.
Tin and battery ... good price too.

CH Voon said...

TZ: Hehehe... Just a normal and clean office :) Nothing special one... hehehe

suituapui said...

You have so much old newspapers kah? Can earn so much? I give mine to the Kidney Foundation, round the corner from my house.

CH Voon said...

Suituapui: Now every single recycle items can earn quite long money. such as copper... rm28 per kg

Tekkaus said...

So it is not your fault what? Haha :D

cHrIstInA_YY said...

LoL, "faster than earn money from Nuffnang" I like that sentence!!! xD

Engineer's Principles said...

look like ur business is expending. want to get someone to carry ur luggage or not?

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Who is that 長頸鹿 Ziraffe how dare to complain summon him over will shorten his neck haha. Looks like you got a bunch of tidak apa attitude contractors.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Selling old newspapers can get better than Nuff-none? Agree pretty slow very (可憐 kělián) pathetic. Mine never sell put outside our cave donate to the cleaners as 'tips' for keeping our place neat and clean. They happy we happy no money.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Bananaz never buy badnewspaper read online, only Mango buys Chinese papers so not much old newspapers to sell, sometimes she may skip one of two days without papers if the Indian man is not selling by the roadside..for me to read Chinese papers very fast one less than 5 mins only look at pictures.

foongpc said...

So slow one meh, earning money from Nuffnang? : D

foongpc said...

Wow! The renovation contractor and the TM installer guy really pissed people off yeah?

MeRy said...

I guess you must be selling lots of old paper and catalog...

Gratitude said...

It seems contractors are always giving problems. Shoddy workmanship is another problem too, sadly.

Please do take pics of the new office to share with us ya ;)

[SK] said...

aiyoh bro, not good leh, seems like people like to bully you leh.. but i think there's nothing much you can do because you are not expert in those fields.. but i guess you are right, an eye for an eye, just do what they did to you.. delay the payment and make complaints, and make them feel the pain too lah..

[SK] said...

wah, i think you must have lots of old newspaper lor, can sell to nearly RM50!!! haha, very true!! a lot faster than earning money from Nuffnang lor.. haiyoh, i also dunno whether i got RM10 in there or not.. so boring..

Unknown said...

Hey Voon,show lah the pic of your new office ma.........

Alice Law said...

I feel frustrated too I was surrounded by bunch of I-D-I-O-T, lol!^^ Great you earn some pocket $$!