Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Must Learn Russia Language Now!

 I am regret that i am not spend time to learn Russia language.
Normally, i go to site with group of people.
So, i lazy to learn and someone will take care of me.
Now, i feel the difficult when i alone here.

Language is very important media to express your feeling.
I just come back from my dinner.
How i handle especially i'm ordering food?

Lucky that the menu is full of photos.
I'm pointing on the photos that i would like to order.
(Sure, i have better food here cause i take my dinner at restaurant :) )

A lady waiter come to serve me.
After pointing all the food, i plan to have a tea.
(I usual to order Coke - easy everyone know it)
(Today, i am cough hence cannot drink coke)

I : "茶!"  
(It is similar to Chinese pronunciation 茶 = tea )
Waiter: "$^$$%^%^^*&^&*"
(I guess she ask me green tea or black tea)
Hence, when she finish talking then i say.

I : "好lanso"
Waiter: "&^*(^**& = Black tea"
(I am acting that i understand Russia...) wakaka
I say again : "好lanso"
(好 is mean good in Chinese + lanso = Ok or Good in Russia) 

After few minutes,
The waiter takes a cup to hot water with black tea.
See, i can speak Russia here :P

When i'm drinking,
The waiter come again and talk to me:
Waiter: "$^%$^%^&^*()()(_)"
(This time i cannot use any logic to predict what she say..."
Anyhow, i reply her.
I : "好lanso"
 (I think should be no problems gua...)

 "Soup of the day"
 "Spaghetti with fish"

I have order another BBQ pork as well.

Wait and wait ...
Take me 15 to 20 minutes...
Now, i start thinking what waiter told me just now:
There are 2 possibility what she said:

a) "My dear customer, the BBQ take quite long time, it is ok for you?"
b) "My dear customer, the BBQ just not available, it is ok for you?"

I regret to say "好lanso" to her.
(Next  time, if don't know please don't pretend ok)

After 30 minutes,
My BBQ pork is served.
So, i guess what (a) is the question she want to ask me :) 
When i plan to start enjoy the BBQ pork,
I found out that only spoon and knife on my tables.
"Where is my FORK?"
I need to ask my translator tomorrow - How to speak fork in Russia"
Don't ask me how i finish my BBQ pork... :(

After finish, when i saw the waiter...
I say :"Short"
Waiter reply :"Short ar"
(Short is mean bill in russia)

The bill is around 774 rubble ~ RM77.40.
And, i pay 1000 rubble and wait for the change.

The waiter come again and bring nothing to me and say:
Waiter :"%&^%&*%&^*^*(&*)("
(After learn the lesson before... i will not say 好lanso anymore!"
quickly reply to her "poor "
(poor 好 is not good)

And, She returns the change for me.
Sorry, i don't know what you say...

It is very important to learn Russia language
if you are alone!
(Lesson to children, let them independent hence they can learn somethings faster)

The worst time after this is ...

How should i take this cough medicine???
All in Russia language!
Help Me!

P/S: Don't worry, i have ask translator how to take the medicine :P


suituapui said...

Stayed there so long, went there so many times...never bothered to learn the language kah? Chicken and duck all the time lah?

[SK] said...

wow, really terror with the russian language, haha!! but i guess you have been there a few times, already know some simple russian terms right??

[SK] said...

and i find "好Lanso" very funny, because in cantonese this means very f*ckingly sily!! hahahaha.. so everything also "好Lanso" in Russia will help you a lot~~ :D

[SK] said...

i guess you should bring a translator device with you around, so that it's easier to communicate.. you type english and show them the translation, and they type russian and show you the translation.. good idea??

cHrIstInA_YY said...

OMG, you did a good job getting a cup of black tea you want and the small changes back ;) As for the cough medicine, I really have no idea... sorry... maybe just ask around to see if anyone knows English? T/C!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

好lanso no spiak Rusia you no under no stand hahaha. Why got lots of hairs in your soup and spaghetti with fish? lolz.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Oh I know it says drink 3 bottles of cough medicine per day for quick relief. All written in numerical on your left..muahahaha. You take care.

Engineer's Principles said...

bro, raya liao, u still at russia?
hope you can come back soon. take care, don't simply touch anything :p

Alice Law said...

LOL, just wallop one big table spoon saje, 3 times aday(can't be wrong)!;D

Alice Law said...

好Lanso very convenient wor, nxt time...if I ever visit Rusia, sure learn a few words b4 boarding the country!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Voon, long time did not visit your blog.
How are you and Vanessa?

Anyway, hope you recover soon from cough.

Merryn said...

cough medicine should be lebih kurang da same quah... eat a spoonful lah.. worst come to worst u overdose only :P

dun ask me to learn a new language. been here in msia my entire life but has yet to master Mandarin!!!

mNhL said...

haha..i just can't stop laughing at this post. U r really a joker. Same with bananaz, i wanna ask why so much of hair in your soup and noodles? The pork chop look so delicious. Must be finger licking good. haha....