Sunday, February 26, 2012

A real story happen here...

Beng Naik is a executive manager in 1Boleh Sdn Bhd.
He earns a lot money which in illegal operation.
After 5 years, his boss found out his illegal and selfish activities.
His boss make a reports to Police, MACC, MPPP, JPJ and etc officers.

The day is coming...

There are some conversation is going on between Beng Naik with
Police, MACC, MPPP, JPJ officers.
(Beng Naik - BN, Police - P, MACC - M1, M2, MPPP - MP, JPJ - JP)

Police (P): "Your customer report that you punch them because you unable deliver the project to them"
Beng Naik (BN): "Yes, so what!"
P: "Hence, we want want to arrest you under this cause!"
BN: "Nooo... You can not do that! I punch him but i never use any weapon! Refer to rules, it is ok.
P: "...."

MACC (M1): "We are inform that you misused of company money - suspect of corruption!"
BN: "What do i corrupt?"
M1: "A pen only costs RM2.00, but you bought from supplier RM56.60 per piece"
BN: "Oh... I am not corruption, i just bought expensive pen only"
M1: "...."

MPPP (MP):  "With a photos show that you park your car illegal at 11pm night"
BN: "Yes, so what!"
MP: "It causes traffic congestion! And, make others people suffers"
BN: "Refer to Jessie, i can park my car anywhere i like after 10:30pm, so you better don't disturb else i report to her"
MP: "...."

JPJ  (JP): "You so ego right! This time you have to pay the saman"
BN: "What saman?"
JP: "This is the photos that you are driving your car speedy - 200km/h"
BN: "Let me a look! Oh.. it look like me, sound like me, but it is not me!"
JP: "...."

Everyone are down.
Beng Naik feel ego and nobody can catch him.
At this moment, MACC, M2 is coming infont of him.

M2: "Beng Naik, please don't so ego and LCLY!'
BN: "Wakakaka... if you have invidence and catch me"
M2: "I am suspect you involved one of the corruption case cost RM2500.
"So, you have to follow me back for helping us for this investigation"

BN: "Ah........ for 8 hours or more"

Now, Beng Naik so scare and he tells M2;
"Please do not bring me back to MACC building, tell all the officers that i admit all the mistake i made"
"I just don't want throw out from MACC building level 14th"


Reanaclaire said...

oooo..the story sounds so familiar.. some new and some old ones..right? :)

WendyinKK said...

Very nice story.

[SK] said...

nah, no worries, Beng Naik won't be thrown from the 14th floor, instead they will find somebody else to be thrown..

foongpc said...

Interesting story which of course we are all familiar with haha!!

wenn said...

so true..

Cynful Pleasure said...

thanks for sharing such a great 'joke' which also the fact!!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Korek x 3

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Oh 14th floor in Cantonese 'saat sei' haha.

Tekkaus said...

This are the stories that we will be listening to a lot this year...the election year...