Friday, January 30, 2009

5F Gathering - 2009

13 years after complete my secondary school at SMK Green Road,
Every year, we will organise a 5F Chinese New Year gathering,
This year, we choice a Japanese Buffet in one of the restaurant in Kuching,
The environment is OK but ...,
The food is less, lousy, not my taste and it is very expensive RM75~,
I am not might to pay more if the food is really meet the quality,
Compare to KL's Japanese buffet, i can taste a lot of food and price around RM55 or less,
I hope this restaurant will do something to improve their food else ...,

Forget about the food, let talk about the gathering,
Most of my friend - get married! become parent! but not yet become grand-parent,
I am not very sure whether i will receive "Red Boom" this year or not,
Hope they will arrange their wedding all together,
Then, i can save some flight tickets too,
I hope next year 2010, more people from 5F (1996) will join the gathering too.

"See! Everyone so happy!" ~ But only few monkeys join this gathering only :(
"Why my baby look scare?" ~ Are they really scare? Possible gua
"Daddy, please help me! This sister really frightened me!" "Konica!" ~ Good! All tooth look white and clean.
"So bored and sleepy"~ Next time i will not join daddy's 5F gathering anymore!


Reanaclaire said...

good to see a reunion of old classmates..each year, my ex schoolmates will also meet in my house, normally on the 3rd day of cny.. had a good time chatting and recalling the good old days..
oh btw, the roti tissue or paper tosai, that shop is in Old Town, IPOH...Kalai Restaurant.. next time, u sail by IPOH, let me know.. i give u directions.. haha..

Anonymous said...

next year, if not much ppl, we just gather at one ppl house la

Unknown said...

Cung tim hieu máy hút mùi cổ điển co tot khong nhe?

Cac ban co biet máy hút mùi tốt nhất hiện nay