Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back to Ukraine soon!

After Chinese New year, it is the time to move on.
Time turning really fast especially - Happy Hour!
It is a time again, i need to pack my luggage to Ukraine,
Have to leave my wife & baby girl alone,
I promise to buy more chocolate back this trip,
(Ukraine's chocolate are GREAT!).
Last year April, i went there with my colleague,
My colleague always ask me ~ What you miss in Ukraine?
I think......x10
"The Bed"~ OK but heater not function well all the time! Every night - make me crazy!

"Shopping Mall"~ Shit! Worst than my hometown - The spring

"Flower" ~ It is look nice but i am not lady boy.

"Low exchange rate than MY" ~ If all thing free then damn GOOD!

"Finally, i think eat an ice-cream at winter time is the great moment gua!"

Noted: I hope to take more photos for this trip and upload to my blog, but there is really hard to find Internet there.


Reanaclaire said...

Though i m in shocked now, i still wanna come here to wish u all the best in yr Ukraine trip.. why r u going there in the first place, if u dont mind me asking..
oh, why am i in shocked? please refer to my post.. sigh.. im heartbroken..

CH Voon said...

I go there for commisiong of a project.

Anonymous said...

Wow...didnt know u work so far away from home. how often u go home? I am back to png already since last nite. png is so damn hot. all the grasses are dying.

Anonymous said...

hey i like ukraine's chocolates man! my moms friend always buy for me...