Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Never Give Up so EASY!

When we grow up,
We start to face a lot of challenges,
It is a test for your life,
Whether you can handle it or not,
Economi crisis and getting worse recently,
Cause a lot of people jobless, bankrupt or etc,
Politic flighting recently,
Some people become victim e.g. Eli Wong,
We MUST keep our stand and face it bravely,
Do not think too much (negatif) and just act like a baby,
Baby will never "GIVE UP" when they want to archive something.
"Believe or not? Let me share one example to you..."

SO, let we become BIG BABY now!


Anonymous said...

Your baby really is your super model in your blog.. this is really a meaningful moment for her...waiting the video of her 1st walk!!

Unknown said...

Cung tim hieu máy hút mùi cổ điển co tot khong nhi?

Cac ban co biet nên mua máy hút mùi loại nào

Ẩm Thực Cuộc Sống said...

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