Sunday, February 22, 2009

When dusk coming, it is the time i go to Ukraine.

Today, it is the time i have to leave my family,
and travel to Ukraine site for Testing & Commissioning,
Maybe, i will be there 1 months or more,
When i come back, my baby is around 7-8months,
I hope she will call me "daddy" at that moment,
But, i scare that she do not know me anymore just like stranger,
Beside, i would like to say sorry to my friend,
My ex-boss, Jeremy Wong,
I can not attend his wedding fall on 28th February 2009,
And also,
My university friend, Joyce Tan,
I also cannot make it on 7th March 2009 too,
I would like to take this opportunity to say:
"朋友, 我祝福你新婚愉快和永恒的爱!"
To all blogers, welcome to my blog,
Drop some messages and comments,
I am not sure i can online at there or not,
I will reply when i come back :).
"Beautiful scenery will never long lasting"
"When dusk coming, I will leaving Malaysia to Ukraine"
"Face the reality of life"
"Expeciate every moment in your life"
"Wait for next day coming...."