Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool 2009

Today is April fool,
I like this day very much,
Because i can trick my family & friends,
When i am young,
I wake up very early in the morning,
I change all the wall clock time - 3 hours faster,
After 10 minutes later, i will wake up my brother/sister,
"Hey, you are late!"
I know they have a bad habit that do their homework in the morning,
They really scare and rush to finish their homework,
I am nearly make they cry too! hahaha
At the same time, i will ring up the telephone and info my elder sister,
"Your friend call you! Quite an urgent call!"
At the moment, my sister was taking bath,
She finish her bath quickly and call back to her friends,
I like to trick people and make they laugh.
Today, i tender my retirement and try not to tricks people anymore,
Of course, i will not trick by other people too. hehehe
I will all bloggers have a happy "APRIL FOOL 2009"

"Daddy! Are you sure you want to quit so early?"


Reanaclaire said...

wah, u were noti then.. me no la.. never trick ppl one.. when small got la.. those boring common tricks, like "there's a lizard on yr back" "cockroach in yr soup" etc etc.. all kiddies' stuff ..haha.. now better dont do all these all, old already, might get heart trouble.. haha..risky la..

Marciana said...

=.= Like brother like brother...
Ah Foo trick me too today.. But i don't remember what was it about.. He learn from you one lor!!

Anonymous said...

got meh...y i dun remember a thing