Monday, March 30, 2009

My sister's Birthday

Quite a busy day,
I have some Friend's birthday fall in this months,
They are Mun Leong, Joseph Teo, Skding, Terence Toh, John Chen, and etc.
My sister's birthday also fall on this month too,
On 23rd night, i bought a big cake from a hypermarket near my house,
When i reached home, my sister slept,
On 24th night, we celebrated with her,
1 year older...
Don't act like baby girl anymore, "Chocolates cake"
"Jelly cake bought by her boyfriend" Vanessa: "Eh, this cake is for me?"
Vanessa: "When is my turn? I have mickey on it"
"Happy Birthday!"

The jelly cake tasted nice! Unlucky, the cake i bought from hypermarket is worst.
I advice that please do not buy birthday cake from hypermarket, it is expensive & smelly bad!
.I still have half big cake in my fridge, who want? :)

1 comment:

Marciana said...

I wan....!! But i wan the jelly one... =)