Friday, March 20, 2009

Toilet in Europe

Maybe, you will think that i really sakai or sohai,
I have some reason to explain why i take toilet photos,
First, it is really make me feel bored & crazy to stay in airport for 4~5 hours,
Second, i think around 88% of ladies or girls never enter to Male's toilets,
except 10% female cleaner & 2% drunker/accidentally enter it,
Third, it is special!
To all female readers/blogger,
Let me bring you to visit our Male's toilets, First, can you see that! It is the symbol of Male's toilet.
Actually, it is look normal compare to Female's toilet.
The only different is Male's toilet have a "stand bowl".
Look clean always!
I think it is almost same like Female toilet, am i right?
This is the different between Europe & Asian country.
I think Malaysia's male toilet do not have this condom & Tic-Tac machine.
I wonder why we buy Tic-Tac in the toilet ~ so we can enjoy it in the toilet?
This is really surprise me!
I seldom see baby clothes changing in Male's toilet in my country.
Maybe, i am really Sxxxx.


waiyoke said...

Thanks for the insight 'tour'.

I also wonder why condom machine in toilet, don't really use it in toilet guarrr.... same theory with the tic-tac lorr... use at another time mah... wakaka~~

Westerners are less sexist compare to Asians, both dads & moms have the equal privilege (and opportunity) to change diapers, not only moms :)

Anonymous said...

you go in to the female toilet or not? take some photo for us.

CH Voon said...

Waiyoke: You are right!

Genius: You want me kicked out by girls?

Anonymous said...

I heard my male friends said Ikea toilet also have the diaper changing table.

CH Voon said...

Yvonne: Yake! I am really ketinggalan zaman la.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

The pitcher goes often to the well but is broken at last.