Sunday, March 22, 2009

I grow up

After i come back from Ukraine,
My little princess, Vanessa grow up a lot,
At first, she cannot recognise me and stare at me quite a long time,
After half of a day, she refreshes her memory and know that i am her daddy,
Life is a cycle of time,
I remember that when i am boy,
I am really naughty and not listen to my parents,

I have a bad temper when i am young. My wife is silent & less busy body compare to me.
I hope my little princess will not follow my attitudes. :) Around 7 months, my little princess start to learn how to sit.

She is naughty and like to explore the environment around. Sometimes, she knows that i take photos of her and she tries to act politely. She starts to read a "Mama" magazine and acts like a Big boss styles. Vanessa : "Hey daddy, i don't want you disturb me when i read magazine OK?"

"This is the last warning!!!"


After few days, she is 8 months old.

I hope that you can grow up healthy and happily.

And, i wish that Malaysia is the good place for you to live on!

Daddy : "Don't hide, i know where are you!"

Vanessa : "Daddy, Why you so clever one..."


Eileen said...

Your baby is so cute and chubby with curly hair? haha.

CH Voon said...

Eileen: Her mum is curly hair... as you know curly hair is dominant DNA that straight hair (resetif DNA)

vialentino said...

wah...this daddy really groom her daughter to prepare to be a famous singer....