Sunday, April 26, 2009

2 days full time daddy

What a terrible hot whether!
I just come back from LCCT Airport,
My wife goes to China for business trip for 2.5 days,
and leave me & my daughter at home,
Uh! Can i handle my daughter well?
I hope so! Now, she is sleeping,
I am trying not to wake her up,
else ... I am in trouble,
Mmm she took a bath,
Later, i need to feed her porridge,
Feel a bit tension,
Anyway, i think i can handle it just like a project at site! hehehe
"Mummy is not around, i think i am the one in trouble!"
"I agree with daddy, it is really a hot day!"


reanaclaire said...

hey..u put her into the basket? make sure not in the washing machine ahhh.... dont think u could bathe her like that oh.....heheee...
for yr information, ipoh seems to be burning us alive here too... said...

yeahh.. whether is so hot these day!
terrible leh..

Marciana said...

Yesterday night here still got hujan abit ler.. and friday hujan so lebat so scary...
Your daughter so cute......
My chi chi mama and chipmunk also cute :/

Gabriel said... cute ur baby.i like the last pic, so innocent looking. hehe...

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Lol... your daughter seems so cute!! haha~~

Anonymous said...

Your daughter makin lama makin look like Sandhi. Yoh, pls la don't put in basket la... Mei Tien