Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Have you Meet them (Ghost) before?

Life is full of adventure,
I have some experience in my life,
I still remember Chinese ghost festival - night after 12pm,
I went back from my mother-in-law house to my house,
I took a lift alone,
The lift suddenly stop at level 4 (car park),
And, the lift door open,
i can feel that cool wind blow in,
I noticed that nobody outside,
But, i felt that something was coming into the lift,
OMG! I keep myself calm,
I felt that the lift's door close very slow,
Until ground floor, i keep press the open button,
It took long time to open,
Oh NO.... Lucky, i am good man,
it not disturb me,
You can watch movie below:
By timothyngim,

I travel a lot and stay in hotel quiet frequently,
Hence, do you realise that toilet is strange place in your bedroom,
Normally, all people will turn on the toilet's light,
if you not turn on,
When you sleep,
You will hear some strange sound (depend on your luck),
Sound like water leaking, baby crying, footstep, and etc,
It prefer to come out after 12pm,
At that moment, your TV will turn on and off,
If you stay in reserve bedroom in the hotel,
But, if you are good man,
It will not disturb you......
You can watch movie below:
By Kickasswhiteboyz,

The MOST scared one is ....,
It is true story....
By ryan93280,


elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

Maybe i am more frightening compare to ghost.. that why ghost not even dare to come to me.. hehe.. ^_^

Marciana said...

scary scary.. i still remember last time i owez follow my mom go kl meeting.. Then i stay at hotel myself(i like cos can skip school)
Then got once we given appartment kind of place to stay.. but only me and my mom stay.. 3rooms,2 toilet.. Then my mom got meeting whole day, morning till night, i stay alone.. So teruk, the tv no signal, keep black black.. Luckily i got the buddha statue, then i hug it to sleep =.=

foongpc said...

Scary! But how sure you are a good man, they won't disturb you? No guarantees man! LOL!