Monday, April 20, 2009

My Birthday

Few days ago...
It was my birthday,
On that day in history,
Leonardo da Vinci born in 1452,
General Electric Company is formed in 1892,
Titanic sink in the North Atlantic in 1912,
Insulin found in 1923,
The first Mcdonald's restaurant opens in Illinois,America in 1955,
CHVoon born in 1978,


Today, it is a normal day for me,
I have a holiday on that day too (Company policy),
After 30s, birthday is not that wonderful & enjoyable compare to schooling time,
During schooling time,
We celebrated our birthday until mid-night,
Used "cake" as a boom ,
through to each others,
Until whole body fully with cream & made our house very messy,
After that, we watched "The Ring" movie until fall sleep,
Sometimes, we played water ball in the garden and until tired and layed on the road,
I had took the photos but forget where i put it,
It is really a crazy & fun.


I have to admit that i am older 1 year more,

I celebrate my birthday with my family - wife & daughter,

In one of the restaurant in Selangor,

After finish my dinner, my sister bought me a birthday cake!
Look Nice!

~~Taste nice~~ Thank you sister!
As normal, i have make a wish -> MY WISH <-.
I hope it will come true!
Ouh!! My sister also my blog supporter,
She read my blog and knew that i like eat rojak,


She bought one pack of rojak for me too!

Compare to my previous blog ->Rojak<-,
My sister bought one is great and more contents!.




One again, I feel just like in Heaven!


Reanaclaire said...

Lovely celebration u have there.. simple and yet memorable!!

genius said...

happy birthday bro.

Marciana said...

I thought you're still in your twenties?

Kuching Remisier Blog said...

haha.. happy belated birthday ~ wait i breed some hamster give you.. hahaha