Sunday, April 12, 2009

My grandfather's birthday!

Hi! Everyone,
My name is Vanessa,
Tonight, my daddy sleep very early because he is tired today,
After daddy meet up with University friend (uncle & aunty) at The Curve,
He has to rush to airport to pick up my grandfather,
Hence, i stolen his blogger's login name & password,
I help my daddy to write a post here,
My grandfather come to KL for business trip,
Today, it is also my grandfather's birthday too,
Hahaha I have jelly cake to eat too,
My "gu gu" bought this jelly cake again!
He is my grandfather! I wish him "Happy Birthday & Healthy always"
Besides, i want to share something here,
My grandfather is MIB, and I am BIW.
where, MIB is Man in Black,
Guess what is BIW?

1 comment:

Marciana said...

BIW is baby in white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im so smart..