Thursday, April 9, 2009

It is time to learn Crawl!

I am happy to see when baby grow up from one stage to another stages,
First, baby start to learn how to turn over,
After that, she learn how to sit properly,
Now, she start to learn how to crawl,
When she start to learn how to walk?
The answer is up to her!
All baby have different time to learn their skill,
Some of them, they manage to learn their skill very fast or slow,
For me, i want them to live happy and not pressure them until over limit,
It is not a life...
Er... Why i am so serious... have to cool down myself,
I am lucky guy because when i am young,
my parent never ever pressure me to do what i dislike,
Hence, i will practise to my daughter,
Forcing will not make everyone happy,

"How baby learn to crawl?"

My friend(s) always ask me why not employ a maid,

Let they take care of your baby,

Maybe, i read a lot of negatif news about it,

Some of the maid, they will prepare their shit/piss and mix up with dishes,

And, they will hit your baby when you are not around,

Are they human being or animal? So cruel!



p/s: Sorry for the video! it is really cruel and not suitable for adult below 18 year olds, if you want to watch give me email, i will mail to you.

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