Sunday, May 24, 2009

I get my Passport

Today, i go to get my passport,
Guess what happen this time?
1 week ago, i cannot get the passport after 2 hours because of
"Printing machine malfunction"
This time, the "System software malfunction/halt gay",
All the applicant waiting there more than 3 hours,
Maybe, THIS department lack of money,
Anyone who rich enough, can you donate some money to help them,
To upgrade their printer and System software,
Then, it indirect will reduce the suffer of people in Malaysia,
At last, i manage to get my passport,

"I can go to Shanghai - Yeah!"

"A bit sad that my daddy cannot follow me"

Because of this trip, i try very hard to learn how to walk...

Some tactic my daddy apply it on me...

(Enjoy the movie clip)


Reanaclaire said...

tomorrow my son will be going to renew his passport..hope everything goes on smoothly for him...

BooNMiNG said...

so good can go SHANGHAI ?!! but daddy not following? why?

DJYano said...

Awww what a cute face, i love his cheek!!!