Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oman Life 1

Oman is a Muslim, safe and rich country,
Climate is hot (45°C ~60°c) during summer,
And, very cold during winter season,
No raining … it is possible once a year,
If raining, this country will be flood,
Infrastructure & transportation is really great,
Some more, it is a free “Toll” country,
Water pumped from Sea for living utilities after certain process,
Living cost is very high because almost all items imported,
Exchange rate for RO 1 approximately to RM10,
Time difference is 4 hours after Malaysia,

On 24th May – 830pm,
I reached Muscat Airport, Oman,

Three star hotel, where I stay,
Moderate bedroom…. RO30 per night,

“Not that good”… L, Only 21” CRT TV…

Every morning 7am, I will take my breakfast here,Fresh orange juice, few pieces of bread, tea, yogurt, eggs …On the way to the Plant…. Just like in dessert, What a Hot day! I nearly become Chinese Indian, Almost 90% of workers are Indian from India. Beside me, he is my second hand in Oman, heheheMost of time, I take India food… Long Roti tissue in Oman"Hello! everyone come to taste it!"

So far, I found some items is quite cheap compare to my beloved country,
First, the petrol is cheaper around RO0.12 per liter,

Second, the satellite TV is damn cheap around RO 4 for 300 channels per month,
Third, all cars are cheaper e.g. Toyota Yaris (Vios) around RO 4100 only (fully import),
Honda Accord around RO7000 only (fully import),
Can I import from this country? Export fees, duty taxes, etc…. Aiya Just forget about it!


I have one thing, which makes me feel very proud that is
Our national cars are promoted there!!! Woo!!! Woo!!! Geng le…

Proton Persona is the ONE!
Sure, I will check the car price first!
Guess…… How much is the price?


Oh… It is around RO 3900 +/- included export fees & profit margin,
How much we can buy this car in Malaysia?
To be continues…


genius said...

bro, still at oman?
dont simply talk to any girl, you will end up in the jail :)
good luck.

elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

Wow, 60 Degree, i cant imagine what will happen to me if i am there~~ @_@"

The tossey also look same with ours ma, look very tempting. I love tossey oh~~

That is something good about Malaysia, without go to oversea, we can almost taste everything in the world with the 'upgraded', 'localized' & improved in our beloved land. =)

BooNMiNG said...

haha.. the FUEL only RM1.20 ??! cheaper than water there lor ... hahahaha ... then from today onwards you drink petrol enough liao la ... hahaha

CH Voon said...

Genius: It is really hard to see a girl around... So, Dont worry about me hehhe

Elims Chuang: Life in Oman is not suitable for me, now i cannot take those food anymore ... the taste is totally different to our country...

BoonMing: hehehe yahor... but water at here more cheaper than 0.12 RO, here not road tax, not income tax, and nothing u need to pay for TAX!

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