Friday, July 3, 2009

I am back Again!

I am back again to MALAYSIA!
I realised that Malaysia is the best country for me to stay,
after i travelled to some countries,
If not discrimination and politic problems here,
I think this is the place i will stay until i go to Heaven/Hell,

I hope the story is end at here...
I do not want back to Oman anymore!

"Guess who is the boiler man?"

"One of the customer who very happy with the oil color after processing"


cHrIstInA_YY said...

Haha! Welcome back to Malaysia ;) I couldn't agreed more with you, Malaysia is really a nice country to stay if and only if... Anyway, enjoy the food there!!! No more curry for u xD

Marciana said...

Wa.. you finally back with pocket full full..
Your daughter still recognize you? :| Lucky not so black compared to the apu nene

genius said...

welcome home bro.

Reanaclaire said...

welcome home to Malaysia!! yes, enjoy the food while u r back... haaa..

CH Voon said...

cHristina_YY : Malaysia not good meh? i mean the wheather? but i agree with you if and only if ... . Curry... i think this few day i prefer to be vegetarian!

Marciana: pocket not full enough.... my daughter cannot recognice me at first... but other one day... she stick to me at the time hehehe aiyo i always use SK III to protect one so not apu nene

genius: hope you come back from Bahrain soon!

CH Voon said...

reanaclaire: Happy to come back! mmm i feel a bit strange... after come back, i prefer to eat vege. rather than meal...