Monday, July 27, 2009

Man Vs Woman

As we know that,
Man and Woman never have equality,
Woman always want the equality in all level,
such as education, freedom to speak, & etc,

As my opinion,
Equalization between Man & Woman never achieved,
For example, Man cannot pregnant or breast feeding,
What Woman cannot do?

In 20 century,
Man and Woman changed a lot,

Man start to learn,

How to cook,
How to feed baby,
How to be a good baby sitter,
How to clean and tidy up the house,
How to negotiated the price in wet market,
Caring of all handwork task,
Working as well,

Woman start to learn,

How to work,
How to forget to cook,
How to forget to feed baby,
How to forget to be a good baby sitter,
How to forget to clean and tidy up the house,
Maybe, a lot of woman will disagree with me,
I am not discriminate between Man & Woman,
But, it is getting to change...

At the end,
Man will stay at home,
and, Woman will working outside,


Equalization between Man & Woman never ever meet forever!

p/s: Please to vote "Yes" to agree & "No" to disagree


vialentino said...

hahaha...i better not to comment...

Reanaclaire said...

wah..voon, did u come out with that with your own mind? u r putting in words what u r experiencing now? hahahaa... well, like via, i also dont know how to comment.. no position to.. cos i am doing both of those same time.. 2 in 1... if u know what i mean..

elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

Since 2000, my first year in UTM, i would never agree to Equalization concept in man & woman!

Either boy 51%, or girl you take 51%. 50% v 50% will always create lot lot problem. 一山不能藏二虎,除非是只纸老虎.

将心比心,if you are a boss of one company, if got 2 choices, one boy and one girl, both of them are same qualification and quality, which one you will pick?

If for myself, shamelessly i will definitely choose boy as my employer. Why? Because i still need to pay for girl when she is taking holiday after delivering her baby. Furthermore, i need to look for someone to cover up her job temporary? get outsider to do that job? or get somebody inside to handle that?

Other than that, i feel in a boy/girl @ man/women relationship, we should look from a bigger picture, see who suitable to do what. If from the discussion, i am suitable to be at home, i would be a househusband then, no problem de. =)

Again, i would say NO to Equalization! (I dun mind people scold me for being discrimination, please do it.)

CH Voon said...

via: yupe i not mean all woman is like that but... equality is impossilbe achieved between man and woman.

Reanaclaire: hehehe you know i know ... but you are brave mother

CH Voon said...

elims Chuang: As you know, i posts this posts mean i also at your side (NO equalization between man and woman)... maybe a lot of people disagree with me but this is reality...

elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

I believe those who always demand for equalization is woman. But i dun mind to give them priority in work handling and let them get wat more that i could get.

As a saying goes: 'lady first'. =)

CH Voon said...

elims Chuang: yupe because we are gentleman hehehe

cHrIstInA_YY said...

LoL, sad but true. But there are still women who can work 'n take care of the family at the same time, and there are also men who only work but never do house chores or take care of the kids... it'd be great if both parties can share the "burden" together, 50 / 50 maybe?

CH Voon said...

cHristinA_YY: i agree with you... if both share the burden together else... it is quite burden for one side... :(

elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

from the other aspect.. because we love to 'eat soft rice'~~ @@"

Shhh...dun tell loud loud.. >.<"

CH Voon said...

elims chuang: sometimes eat soft rice also fun ar ..hahahaha

but not that good la...