Friday, July 24, 2009

Vanessa - One Year Old

One year ago,
We are waiting for your coming,
Our feeling are very happy but nervous,
First time to become parent,
Why suddenly I feel that time passing very slow,
waiting...1...2...3... .. 59 seconds,
1...2...3... .. 3 hours.....

"Baby, Daddy is waiting for you"

Mummy still can smiles... but during deliver,
It is really pain,
She does not know how to smiles anymore,

New Born:

During my wife deliver my baby,
I stay in the operation room,
I indirectly feel that just like i deliver the baby too,
After baby come out,
I feel really release - so Happy to see her,
My baby,Vanessa (雅婷) has Jaundice first few days,
After put under morning sunshire before 830am,
Doctor advice "Don't take Halia & etc for first weeks if breast feeding",
Breast feeding is very good,
I suggest if possible,
Let baby drink your milk,
Jaundice disappear few days later,
First month, she sleeps 16 hours per day,
"Hello, i am Vanessa Voon"

Full Moon:

Gathering family, relatives & family
Feel uneasy after hair cutted,
"Why i become botak when i wake up from sleep?"
"I am not happy, see i look so ugly now!"
"How to meet the cute baby boy at next door?"

2nd Month:

Took Vanessa to Tian Hou Gong Temple,
She used to sleep at day time,
Sadly, she wakes up at night,
I think this month is the most tired month for me,
because we cannot sleep at night and have to look after Vanessa,

3rd Month:

Went to Taman Bukit Jalil for a jogging,
I am bit lucky this month,
Vanessa able to change her sleeping time from daytime to night,
Hence, i no need to wake up at night anymore,
First time, I start help her to take bath,
"Vanessa, Nice or not?"
Vanessa able to see (100%) this month,
"She looks like a boy"

4th month:

Shopping at Piramid Mall,
"Do i look nice on the dress?"
Shopping at Carrefour,
"Daddy, why you put me inside the shopping trolley?"
Met serious car accident at KL-Putrajaya highway,
Thanks to God that saved my family,

5th Month:

Having a short break at Cameroon Highland,
This month, Vanessa starts to learn how to turn around,

6th Month:

Celebrate 1st time Chinese New Year 2009,
We took MAS Airline back to Kuching,

Vanessa able to turn around and start to learn sit,

7th Month:

Vanessa able to sit properly after training carried on,
After sit, she learn to crawl too,
Food is very important issue,
Oat is good food with high Calsium & Magnesium,
"Am i look like my daddy?"
1 teeth grow out,
"I can eat more food now"

8th Month:

Start to learn walking,
Baby learn something from copying,
Because my daddy always say "papa" in front of me,
"I know to speak 'papa',"
"Besides, my another favourite word is 'Aiya...' 'tata...' ",
Naughty is natural habit,
It is good because they want to widen their living circles,
"After i hit my head, i know that it is pain"
"If you never fall, you will never know how pain it is"

9th Month:

My second car seat,
"Put on safety belt when daddy driving"
"It is time for me to change some style"
"Am I look rock?"

10th Month:

First time, i am get in sick,
I have a little bit fever,
Because, my teeth grow up rapily,
"1... 2... 3... 4... teeth"
Vanessa start to stand up with support,
And, she starts to walk around with support,
First time, i got my passport,
Time to go to Shanghai trip,

11th Month:

"Shanghai trip is wonderful"
"But, it is pointless for me because i am too young"
"Wooo I am flying in the sky"

1 Year old:

Time passing very fast,
Today, it is Vanessa's 1 st year old birthday,
We, Daddy and Mummy feel very happy to you,
We hope this post is a good gift for you,
When you grow up,
We hope this is the place you can remember back your baby-hood,
We hope you like the cake,
That mickey mouse is specially for YOU,
Because you born in Mouse sign year,
When you grow up one day,
We will getting older and older,
No matter how naughty you are,
You still our daughter,
A small party with family.

At here,
I wish your :


P/S: Vanessa, you are lucky girl, i remember when i 1st year old,

No cakes for me and only for my elder brother (so envy la....hahaha)



elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

Impressive post!!!!!!!!!!

You're the man!! geng and respected!!!

Your baby sure touched when she knows how to read one day~

CH Voon said...

elims Chuang: thank you for your ecouragement! Just to record some for my daughter... hope my next kid is boy... (i will do the same for him).

Reanaclaire said...

yes, i agree with elims.. the effort here proves how much u love your vanessa.. continue to do so... this blog will be priceless masterpiece ...

CH Voon said...

reanaclaire: 10q i will continue my best until the end (hehehe)

elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

To get boy, i heard you have to 'hantam' gaogao... @@"

Your daughter really look like you!

CH Voon said...

elims Chuang: where got this kind of theory hahaha... but what i heard is about the chinese calender...

Gabriel said...

wow...very nice and meaningful post. haha..u r such a thoughtful father. hehe..

CH Voon said...

Gariel:10q for your comment