Friday, July 17, 2009

Where is the Justice?

I am really disappointed with current government,
It is really make me feel angry,
Where is the justice?
Please don't speak rubbish in front of me,
You are playing fire at your Axxhole,
Why? A lot of cases never take action?
All action only point to another opposite party,
Do you still remember?
Please don't use time to erase my memory,
. .
Could you please given me the answer,

1. How is the AP issue?
2. How about Lingam case?
3. How is Zakaria palace case?
4. How is Mongolia murder case?
5. 125 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project?
6. 2400 million ex-menteri besar palace?
x1000 from 1957

Who have the power and he can definite what is JUSTICE!


We (people) must deny it with our vote next coming 13rd GE!

Rest in Peace - My friend Mr Teo....


BooNMiNG said...

he's your friend?!!

condolescence... Malaysia's politics is turning to hopeless state... really angry and feel helpless...

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Hey, sorry for your lost of a friend, may him R.I.P. When it comes to the Malaysian government issues, I'm really speechless...

Reanaclaire said...

u r his fren...
i was not his fren....
but after hearing the news, he has become closer than fren...
I wrote a short tribute for him in my blog...

Sad, really saddening case..

Anonymous said...

everybody is angry on it, this still continue happening... can u stop? who is that hand? who can stop it? i m sure everybody can answer it...