Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crying is meaningful

I am crying not because of;


I am crying because of;

My future,
My education,
My government,
My loving country,
My next generations,
Discrimination among races,
Deatlh of Democration and Justice,
People (Sarawak & Sabah) still not realise the truth,


ONE things make me want to cry out loudly is,
"if this siuatution still mantain the same when i reach 21 years old",

I have to leave this hopeless place... (Bolehland) ~ (bodohland)


Reanaclaire said...

i m sad for this country too.. not sad for myself (cos i m already old) but sad for my kids that they might have to stay here ... how wonderful we can go and stay in other countries as long as we can without any hassle.. sigh...

Syaoron said...

Malaysia's Justice = Abusing Power

That's why Malaysian is a lousy country because a group of idiot always show off their power

CH Voon said...

reanaclaire: yupe you are right... i think next generation will suffer if ...

Syaoron: if this idiot disappear... i think this country is best amond others

Christina Soong said...

true, feel sad bcoz the ppl dont want to wake up, the ppl just hide away themselves. This is the saddest part.

Marciana said...

So sad... Cannot harap the *********, no actions taken.. And Sarawak is so left out.. No pemodenan =.= Make us sound so ulu..
If can i also want migrate, to singapore^^.. But i think overpopulated liao.. the study syllabus here so omg.. Everything so omg, the ****** so omg, forensic department pls upgrade abit like CSI =.=

vialentino said...

aihhh...hope to see some changes ler...else will cry too

CH Voon said...

Christina Soong: yalor... wake up people!

Marciana: You want migrate to Sg ar... i prefer to migrate somewhere not raciat country.

Via: There always hope... but anyone make it changes or not

thumbsdown said...

dun emo x.x

elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

We need more sabahan and sarawakian like you!!

I will ask my wife to go pursude as many as mukah-an go register standby for next election~~ ^_^

CH Voon said...

BabySiiaOzz: hehehe what you mean... i not so clever guy ..

elims Chuang: oh your wife is sarawakian ar... hehehe my geografic not that good...

ok good to hear that we need to make it change!