Friday, August 28, 2009

No Holiday for me this year!

This year 2009 is not a good year for me,
Why i say that?
Because all the holiday i plan or family plan for me,
I cannot go for it,
Last June, i planned go to Shanghai trip for 8 days,
but at the end, i work in Oman for 1 month,
Around RM2,000++ wasted for that,
, i should go to Tiara bleach together with my family members,
Now, i still stay at Ukraine for the commissioning work,
I don't know the cost,
Should be cheaper gua,
Hence, i told my wife,
Don't plan any holiday for me,
else it will end up with nothing,
Just pay money for nothing too,
So, i can make a conclusion,
I cannot plan any holiday this year,
If want go somewhere for holiday,
I think...
Tomorrow is the Best day!

Vanessa: "Daddy, Why you not follow me go to holiday? :("

P/s: sorry again to my wife and my daughter, I cannot make it this time again! :(


Engineer's Principles said...

:_( poor voon
u a good man, when u back just replace them with a nearby trip, even bring them to a park will sure make them happy.

Jean said...

all happen for a reason. you wouldn't know. perhaps somthing was bout to happen in shanghai at that time? so it's safe for you to be in oamn. =)

wenn said...

don't worry..u have plenty of time ahead..

Ken Wooi said...

nevermind.. next year can! =)

CH Voon said...

SK Ding: i try my best to spend some time with them but now i stuck in Ukraine!

Wenn: how you know i have pretty time???? hehehe

Kenwooi: next year ar... mmmm i not dare to think about it!