Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am their FAN!

First at all,
I, Vanessa want to thank you,
Auntie Danielle who bought this guitar to me,

"My favourite band - Beyond!"
"I miss you so much Ka Kui"
"I also one of the fan of this famous Taiwan singer",
"Guess who is she?"
"I want to become her",
"Hence, i need to train up now",

This is my favourite singer!

Daddy: "Vanessa, there are 2 kind of careers not suit to you"
"One is be a singer ~ not freedom at all"
"Another one is politician ~ you will be jailed if you not cruel & intelligent enough"


Donna said...

wah... so powerful ambition ar..
Ah mei leh....

Reanaclaire said...

One thing i know is NEVER NEVER NEVER TO BE A POLITICIAN IN MALAYSIA!! For ladies, might end up like Eli Wong.. for men, might end up like Teoh Beng Hock.. sigh.. best is to get away from this bolehland ... :)

Engineer's Principles said...

#^_^# so sweet

wenn said...

kids don't quite know what they want to be yet..

Jean said...

vanessa the future guitarist? =)

~Elaine Tam~ said...

I also wan to become Ah Mei...but fairer Ah Mei.heeheh~

CH Voon said...

sorry all - currently i at ukraine ... hard to online here!

dolly: no la... i think normal people better

Reanaclaire: i 100% agree with you

SK Ding: hahaha after get married create one ... small ding ding

Wenn: yalor... they oledi know to play around hahaha

SJ: ar.... dont know... but i am not! hehehe

Elaine Tam: hahaha you can do it one ... :P