Friday, August 21, 2009

We are little piggy!

Hi Everyone,
Now, i stay at Ukraine,
This is my scheduler post,

I think this is my 3rd times,
I put my personal photos here,
I hope i will not scare you all,
After you see photos below,
If you have a bad dream tonight,
I am very sorry about that,
Please forgive me,

"This is my piggy face,
Am i look like pig?"

"My little Vanessa?"

Please become a judge for 10 seconds,

"Who can reward as a talented pig?"


Reanaclaire said...

all i can say.. 'LIKE FATHER LIKE DAUGHTER" moe tak jau kai... :)

Donna said...

wah.. are u learning from your daughter or your daughter learning from u?

wenn said...

that's cute, think she has a better piggy post.

Engineer's Principles said...

vanessa so cute #^_^#
but u make me want to wallop u XD

Unknown said...

Like what you told me Ukraine was boring, but i hope thinking of your family while you are there will cheer you up

Marciana said...

Your daughter win the piggy contest :)